Hearthling therapist: workers without "Build" still contribute to buildings

I’m not sure if this can be fully considered a bug, so I pretend it to be one, but only put it in the support category. Feel free to move, of course. :wink:

When disabling “Build” on hearthlings through the hearthling therapist (“Task manager”), they still do build-like activities, like placing furniture or ladders. I assume, these things are considered to be their “Job” (like harvesting trees and placing other objects), but to me, furniture placed through the building menu (contrary to the direct “place object” menu) is part of the building task.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Disable “Build” on at least one hearthling through the therapist
  2. Start a large building with placed furniture (I recommend the clay dining hall with it’s 20 windows)
  3. Wait and check the hearthling current activities

Expected Results:
The hearthling(s) with disabled “Build” should stay idle (or do only other things) while the building is being finished.

Actual Results:
While these guys don’t actually contribute to the construction of floors, walls or general slabs, they will place ladders and furniture (I didn’t pay attention to whether they also build scaffolding or not).


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 14 Steam unstable, v0.13.0, dev 2786 x64, no mods

System Information:
Windows 10, 64 Bit

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I believe placing furniture is the worker’s ‘job’, as it happens even when not building.

As I said in the summary, I believe the same thing, and for placing individual items (through the placement menu) I think it makes total sense. Just for the furniture placed through the building menu I have the feeling it should be considered “building”. That’s why this is less of a real bug report, and more of a discussion base… ^^ Should “placing beds” always be considered the same task, tied to a worker’s “job”, or should the individually placed bed be their “job”, while setting up the bed as part of a building be part of the “build” process?

Ladders are like placing furniture. So that same comparison.

Although scaffolding I don’t think is, and should be building period as that is the only time it is ever used.

Most the time I don’t even notice these sort of things, since I am more wanting those ones designated to building the buildings themself to do so and those not shouldn’t, and they would do the other menial work that is part of job, even if included ladders and furniture.

In a way if any of it is the case then that I could consider a group effort, as ones could continue to build while the others haul and do the finishing touches of furniture. However I don’t think I remember any of mine ever putting the things embedded in the walls when not marked building. Doors & windows. Might have to pay more attention next time, as I just flat out love watching them build things. :slight_smile:

So…this isn’t actually a bug. Checked with the devs, and @yshan confirmed that furniture/item placement is hauling, and ladders are not actually controllable via the therapist UI, they are used by too many things so they aren’t suspendable. Hope this helps!