Worker still places scaffolding when building not selected

I deselected the building task option on 2 of my workers so they would continue with other tasks while building was going on, but as soon as scaffolding was needed they went and started building scaffolding and taking resources being used for building back to the stockpile.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Deselect “Build” for selected Hearthling worker on Citizens Tasks screen.
  2. Set out mining area and structure to build.
  3. Wait till building requires scaffolding

Expected Results:
Builders place scaffolding and carry on building. Other workers continue with mining/other tasks.

Actual Results:
Non builders go to assist with placing scaffolding, then take any resources (needed for building) put down by other workers back to stockpile.



Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:

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The resource taking back to stockpile is part of the hauling task. So that is functioning properly.

As to the scaffolding, I am unsure if that is a bug or not, that depends if scaffolding is considered part of the ladder type task.

If it is part of the ladder type task, then that means anyone can build those, as it is a temporary thing and not the actual structure. Even placed ladders work the same. This is mainly so we have a way to unstuck hearthlings without having to check a task part. Since it is like piling rubble for a building to be built.

Now if those unmarked builders start the actual building of the structure, then that would assuredly be a bug. Since the building itself is the prime focus.

Scaffolding is just an extra or helping mechanic to get the actual building built. So in a sense does make sense. I mean while those that have it unchecked building the scaffolding, the builders will continue to build the actual building. So think of it as helping hands rather than builders.

This is assuming of course the scaffolding is marked the same as ladders are. That is from my understanding of what has been mentioned, unless a dev mentions otherwise; since I don’t really know where scaffolding lies in the scope of things… (So possibly a bug on the scaffolding itself if was not intended behavior they had in mind.)

Yes and no… the point I was getting at here is that the builders are still using this resource and have merely put it down to place scaffolding with the intention of using it again to continue building. Now they are having to go back to a stock pile to retrieve more because the resource they were using has been “tidied up”.

That’s what I figured was happening here. However scaffolding is part of the building process, so should be dealt with by building assigned Hearthlings. Maybe it should be considered a game play tweak rather than a bug.

Scaffolding is placed until it’s needed, layer by layer, so this isn’t how it happens. Everyone does a layer of scaffolding, so the builders add another layer as well. Then the “helpers” take the builders resources back to a stockpile, the builders go and get another stack of building material, and the helpers go and start something else until more scaffolding is needed. It is a horribly inefficient system, causing everything to take longer than it should.

As to the scaffolding I actually have seen my workers do that. continue to put scaffolding in place as the builders build. Usually it is my miners that are doing that since those are the ones I have marked not to build, and when there are no mining jobs; else it is the other peoples. I guess my builders build fast enough for that to happen in certain instances.

But generally yes it seems to be a switch off. However I have noticed that when they lay the bricks down, and go to get wood for scaffolding; it is not on their mind to continue to use that very same piece they were working from. I know this due to fact clay bricks are not individually stored at the moment, and I refuse to use the All function for a stockpile beyond the initial one that eventually gets reduced…

When scaffolding is needed they will go for wood and do that, and seems like they will get a new piece anyway, and sometimes will use the pieces laying around. 50-50. The things that can be stored, they will return the piece they are using and switch out with the wood; stone as the example.

I’ve watched them do what I mentioned. Love watching them build, and never use the speed options, as I don’t mind the slowness that speed 1 has. Less to miss that way. :slight_smile:

To make scaffolding not a ladder task, if it is the case, it might have to be separately defined I’d imagine. But wouldn’t think would be all that complex since it is almost a replication to be sorted with something else.

However the ladders they build along with the scaffolding, there is no difference between those and the ones you place beyond probably a flag. Meaning hearthling temporary more likely and one that you can issue to tear down. I think anyway… Only guessing… But I do agree on that part for it possibilty being a nice gameplay tweak to have. Then again I don’t mind, as long as the building itself is being built.

So to the initial point I got what you meant, but I don’t actually see that happening all the time. After all it is one task at a time per say. Unsure they would be thinking reusing the resource they just used. It would be more like ok scaffolding check, now where is close resource for building. So possibly timing on that. At least if I am understanding the hearthling mindset they have coded in. Of course I am kind of thinking on the processes of which makes their actions.

Also on that same bit, I have seen em’ drop the resource (clay bricks) and someone else takes and uses it instead; not always the same person that dropped it. Else like mentioned above if not clay bricks they seem to return to stockpile to do a somewhat trade off for scaffolding supplies. I make mix material buildings. Stone/clay with the obvious wood in roof the RC normally has. Is the primary faction I play at the moment. Well that is my observations from my own experiences. :smiley: