Scaffolding tool

They should let us draw out lines of scaffolding to help make using the slab function a whole lot easier!

we should be able to draw lines of them when we need to and just click them and press an x when we need them removed.

Would be a quick fix until our hearthling are smart enough to do it them selves!


But isn’t that like the ladders? Because you can place them up the slabs and then get rid of it after the job is done.

I want something i can drag out along the wall and not place one at every point my workers are having issues reaching.

If my building is 100 blocks long built using the slab tool, my workers have major problems building this past the ground layer. A scaffolding tool would solve this!

ahh I see. yeah that would be a nice idea. less time consuming. Maybe when second floor houses come about they might consider this. Especially for castle or town walls

It all depends on how well they make the AI deal with this. But until they make the AI work properly when building, this tool could make life alot easier thats for sure :smiley:

It would be better for everyone if they just fixed the AI. But I can’t imagine they have enough devs for that. I wish I could work for them :expressionless: