Suggestion for scaffoldings

From a steam post of mine:

On the scaffolding issues: I would limit the build process to no more than 2 ladders and 2 scaffoldings at any given time - replacing one whenever you cant build anything anymore.
This should make pathfinding easier, the whole process more obvious and better debugable .

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And build narrow scaffolding maybe two wide, just enough to climb up and do the work from the building. Maybe not as realistic but time saving, resource saving, and easier to work out the logic. Could make building inherently faster, which is something we need.

The biggest problem I find with scaffolding is the takedown. I’m watching right now as my Hearthlings wander from one side of my building to the other, removing a single piece of scaffolding and then moving to the other side instead of the more path efficient work on the same side. They seem to do this when overwhelmed with farming plots as well. Working one plot then the other then another, often walking 10 voxels away to do so. Honestly it’s all the pathing that takes the time. If they treated each vertical scaffolding stack more like a single ladder and worked East to West, North to South or something like that, until they finished a side. No idea what the solution is here. Maybe it doesn’t work but something a bit more locally systematic where they finish what they started.Heck if they even assigned scaffolding jobs in the order how it was built, it might even be more efficient.

Anyhow enjoying myself and things are building way better!