Decreasing Building Time

I was sitting around playing with the latest update and starting to question how long it takes for the workers to build a structure and tear down the scaffolding. I sat and watched the whole process of a basic one person home and how long it takes (Note: Really appreciate the work and efforts it took to get this far in having the majority of buildings complete start to finish without an error).

One thing that became apparent is that our Hearthlings (while they have pockets) are not filling them with extra material and using it during the construction phase.

Another aspect that was pretty glaring, is how long it took them to take down the scaffolding after the project was completed.

Also again not utilizing the pockets for gathering the materials while taking the scaffolding down.


  1. Is it possible to have the hearthlings actually pick up the extra materials (x4 three in the pockets and one getting carried) and use all of them for the build in one go instead of grabbing a single piece each and every time from the stockpile/crate?

  2. How about during the deconstruction phase they remove 2-4 sections of scaffolding per swing of the hammer instead of just 1?

  3. They also only collect 1 block worth of material and then take it back to the stockpile then walk back to get another blocks worth. So basically use suggestion (1) in reverse when deconstruction of the scaffolding, so they can collect 4 times the amount in one go then drop it off at the stockpile/crate.

Just a couple of ideas to kick around and hopefully spark an idea to improve upon it for the dev’s or to help spark a new idea along similar lines to shorten the build times. Just really think this would Decrease the whole building process quite a bit or things similar to it.


Honestly, while deconstructing scaffolding I wish they would just drop the materials on the floor and keep on going. Then have other collect the items to the stockpiles or do it themselves once everything is taken down.


Good Suggestion! It probably would be easier for them to implement also.

I suggest maybe just using ladders to reach the top of the wall and walk along the wall while building. The game does need a big “speed-up” to building if we’re ever supposed to convert our villages into cities.

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Awhile back they kinda did that and I don’t know why they changed it… idk maybe it just needed to I guess. I wonder if they could also have it be built floor by floor along with your suggestion and opening it up with the extra carrying capacity while building. Either way I would like too see it come back somewhat.