Building Reservation Ressources

Hi there,
I was asking myself why the workers doesn’t “reserve” the resources used for construction on the construction site ?

  1. Can this improve the building time or computing cost ?
    eg . 2 workers building ON and 4 workers building OFF. The 4 will stock resources on the floor of the future building and the 2 will build up.
  2. This could be a way to free space on stockpiles and safe by anticipating future town evolution ?
  3. Basically I’m looking for a way to simplify the pause and restart of a construction or preparing the start of new one.

I hope this topic will give you much more ideas guys :merry:


I love this idea just for the sight of seeing a pile of wood, stone and furniture lay around the site and seeing the pile shrink while the building gets finished

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I didn’t even thought about this. It would be great :jubilant:

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In real life it would be more like, bring everything in in stages.

So hearthlings grab all the blocks first, build the solid core
Then grab the roof stuff and put the roof on
Then they take all furniture that’s essential ( lights, windows, doors, etc ) and put them in
Last but not least the actual “interior”

As for not making the piles to big and still keep some flow in the game this could work. Where 1/2 hearthlings with HAUL only do this as their job and builders just use that.

I can see this improve the code even actually, as well as gameflow. It would allow for a logical and “plain sight verification” of your building process as well as your “working haulers”


edit : source is my job as a builder in real life. We europeans know how to keep it compact and smooth ( most of the time haha )