Progression In Construction Speed

Over the past year the team has done an amazing job adjusting the game flow to the feedback of the beta testers. A big part of this was making construction easier, sacrificing a little bit of immersion to make it go a lot faster with changes like making scaffolding and ladders free.
To me the physicality of the building was a big draw the game had. The thing that really sets stonehearth apart from similar games is seeing the blocks get placed one by one and really feeling like this is a world on its own. I actually think it’s an important thing for new players to see those little things and mundane concerns to really get immersed in the world.
My suggestion is therefore as follows; make construction easing something the player can progress towards over the course of a game. Like maybe the ability of the hearthlings to place multiple blocks at once could be a function of the upgraded worker’s outfit crafted by the weaver or the woodless scaffolding could be summoned using some item the potter makes.
That way the first few huts would still have that surviving in the wild feeling to them but when the game progresses towards more large scale buildings and the player isn’t paying attention to individual builders anymore the game shifts gear to a better construction speed.


Another way to implement the mechanic could be to pin the building progression to the town level. 1 block for first tier 3 blocks for 2nd tier and 5 (is that even possible?) for the 3rd tier which I assume is coming.


Personally I think building should take so much longer than it does currently. tbh I haven’t really player stonehearth since the building update because it is just too easy to build stuff, it just doesn’t feel right.
I can build an entire town in about 2 hours which honestly takes way to little amount of time.

The game progression is just too slow compared to the time it takes to build up a town. Buildings just don’t feel like they are worth what they are anymore :disappointed:

hey there @Freedom, when it was first implemented Yang actually added a user settings option for those who didn’t like the new multi-block building, and as far as i know it still works. you can activate it by adding these to lines in your user_settings.json,

"fabricate_num_blocks" : 1,
"teardown_num_blocks" : 1,

so it look something like this,

...some other stuff...

	"mods" : {
		"stonehearth" : {
			"fabricate_num_blocks" : 1,
			"teardown_num_blocks" : 1,
			"enable_speed_three" : true,
			"default_storage_filter_none" : true,

... some other stuff...

hope this helps :jubilant:


I had no idea, thanks I’ll give it a try :slight_smile: