More Progression?

Dear Developers,

I’ve owned the game Stonehearth for a long time, I got it about a month after it finished its kickstarter and I have loved watching the developers create a beautiful game. The game to me looks really fun, cute, and exciting and I love to see the amazing towns people spend countless hours building in this game. I myself on the other hand have started this game countless times, but in the end I leave it after only a couple of hours, this may be due partly because I get so frustrated with the building UI where I have to end up building the same building more than once before I actually like it and it works, or it may be due to the fact that my building look atrocious, or maybe going along with that I feel like i’m getting no where and my town lack a sense of progression; whatever the reason though I by no means am trying to take away from what the developers have made so far.

So in conclusion to that lengthy paragraph I basically feel that there is a lack of progression
(if there is let me know, but still hear out this idea)

My suggestion is to add a town development web like many other games, where it branches off to different categories that can be unlocked.
Here is an example from the new game Albion online

In it could be sections for traits that buff your Hearthlings in combat in gathering in building and in crafting. These traits are then unlocked with xp levels gained by leveling up your Hearthlings that have jobs. Others section in it could be designated buildings for crafting, defenses, farm building and more( For the non-creative people like myself, who would rather just plot down a building and watch their Hearthlings build it.) You could also have it where you could buy traits with gold.

All in all, I love this game and will continue to start humble towns in the hopes that one day I can build a magnificent kingdom. I just hope that perhaps more building templates will be added so that I don’t feel like my great kingdom is made of hobbles.

( If templates are added another great thing would be that since the building UI is being redone would be to make it where the templates can be easily modified so that people have an inspiration to go off of and create their own buildings.)

p.s. I know that you can download templates online but that’s not the point. Those are given freely and not progression the way these would be earned though xp.



I like this idea, even though i found the exampleweb from albion a bit grindy and boring. But the idea with a web (xp based or a research based function) would defently add something to the game. Something to do in those many hours the hearthlings a busy building up the town (and engaging in chitchatter).

The way i see it, it has to have a deeper function than just to be another goal to reach? For example if the carpenter choose a string with one of the products (like dressers) the end product would become better quality and worth more, but also something else, maybe the ability to make dressers actually hold certan items, like outfits? then the next level could be better drawers, so it could hold more items? and so on.

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Okay, so I really like your idea of managing deeper details. Mostly reminds me of a micro-managing aspect. In my opening paragraph though I didn’t say it I now realize that I wished for some macro-management. Where things I choose affect a majority of the hearthlings or where it gives me the ability to focus on the entirety of the town by placing down templates; instead of having to focus on all the details of building a beautiful house. I feel like your idea is more focused on the details. ( not that that is bad)
I think your idea could add a sense of progression I wanted, but I would still need a sense of macro-management.


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Maybe if the developers pick up on this, both perspectives could be incorperated? That way players could choose to play the way they felt like and not be walking in either exstreme? :merry:

No matter what, i hope they do something…

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Totally agree with that.

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