Final Testing Pass For Stonehearth Alpha 5

Desktop Tuesday, boom shaka laka.

Upcoming Development Focus

  • Building Improvements: Usability improvements, cost estimates as you make a building plan, building templates, and more!

  • Class Progression: Your units will level up in their chosen class, gaining new perks along the way. Crafters will earn new recipes, gatherers will gather cooler stuff.

  • Mining: The ability to mine into the earth. Make your own subterranean caverns, mine for stone and minerals, etc.

  • Roads: You will be able to build roads. Citizens will travel faster on roads

  • Trading: The ability to buy and sell goods from travelling vendors who visit your town.


Awww yeah, seems I’ll finally have something do during my week off from work ;D

edit: FIRST!

Alpha 5… I shall name thee FenceTastic…

collects his coat… heads for the door


Apparently your fan wasn’t a fan…

HA! :smiley:

Follows SteveAdamo out the door


Pfft, who needs a fan anyway?

Discreetly hides all the fire extinguishers…

Anyway, I like the look of the upcoming features :slight_smile: . Very interested in particular to see how the game handles viewing underground stuff & multi-layered buildings etc.


Puns aside… my inner dwarf is very excited by the subterranean news. Don’t forget the troglodytes! :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like all of these features as well.

I love the idea of building roads and then the roads taking “Path Priority” so you can see your Hearthians or Settlers… or whatever… Tromping along your set paths.

Leveling excites the inner (And Outer) nerd. And perks? … oh man… drooling over here.

And actual NPC traders? What’s not to love about that, especially when I use them as a buffer against the goblin horde.

Edit: OOOhhhh, i wonder if roads will take patrol priority for footmen as well?

I was not expecting to see mining so soon, so it’s good to hear they’re going to be focused on it after Alpha 5 comes out (which sounds like it could be a matter of days). I am of course very much looking forward to roads. I will be interested to see how class progression and trading ends up working.

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We decided on mining because we’re sort of stuck without a reliable source of stone and ore.

Once you can mine stone and ore, we can add the mason and blacksmith, which unlocks vast amounts of crafting and building content: stone buildings (castles!), tile/stone roads, statues, metal weapons and armor. It’s a lot.


Very cool. I hope we can delve too greedily and too deep.


This will take a ton of work to implement in a way that does not affect visibility.

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It will. We’re starting now, and will get there bit by bit.


We believe in you. I have all confidence it will be awesome.


Has the build been sent to the unstable yet? If so my game still isn’t updating. -.-

This one’s for you @Tom

Right topic this time…


I would assume that includes the possibility to construct buildings with more than one floor?

Underground views could be used, and with the alert system, you won’t miss what’s going on at the surface - so you won’t return to the surface to find your entire town has been raided by goblins and the like :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is one of those things which gets the gears in my head turning. Also why I believe in the future we should see some sort of military class which can function as a scout with towers to give a large line to give an early warning system for potential attackers.

This would be especially important some sort of scout + first responders since regular footmen on patrol + general population may not be very useful to you if they are underground.

That’s my concern with the alert system because when all your workers freeze underground their work as conscripts won’t be much help, the same as with any footies on patrol down there.

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Really don’t like this change. So now when I promote my BeastMaster, he’s really not a BeastMaster until I wait for him to age and gain all his abilities.

You may be jumping the gun a little bit. This is a pretty general description of what they plan to do…

For all we know, it could be the “Beast Master” has a set of base skills that are still pretty awesome and these leveled up perks just add more cool options or improve current ones.