[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday Mining Update 2


Alpha 7 Target Feature List
Mining, part 1. The basics will be in, but there will be a lot left to do
Roads, part 1. Ditto
At least one new character class, to be announced later


OMG anticipating the mining update looks so cool. I didn’t know how it would work good work @Tom and Team Radiant!!!


Very cool!!! I will looking forward to this!!!



Anyone else think of this near the end of the vid?

I wouldn’t mind building my own Zelda dungeons underground :sunglasses:


I REALLYneed to get my work PC back online… this phone business is for the birdz… :smile:

stellar update! :+1:


Awesome!! I love the x-ray view.
But would love to see a 3rd option in there which you still see above ground people also. Just like in this ‘bug’. To connect the above and below.


Wonderful update :heart_eyes:

Making rooms under the floor looks easier and less effort than building the scaffolding row by row. But you can’t put doors there for privacy, can you :stuck_out_tongue: ?

BTW, Candyland mod is coming back in the upcoming months, I’ve resolved the terrain issue. And perhaps it will feature some candy furniture and building patterns :wink:

The other day I mostly finished the sign, only to realize that it was taken out from the UI :crying_cat_face: Well, maybe I can reuse it somewhere else…
I couldn’t test it yet because of this, so I don’t know if it’s too sharp or if it fits ok :confused:


at the end you said there would be no “exploring the countryside” but the world is supposed to eventually be infinite, when did this change? also what about the conquest gameplay style we were promised -_-, we need both city building and conquest,


In Stonehearth you lead a band of settlers who must carve out their place in the world by gathering resources and building fortifications, while under constant threat from intruders. As your settlement grows, you will eventually train up a standing army then venture forth into the world, where greater challenges await.


We know that there are lots of different play-styles for this kind of game.  Some players want to focus on building an incredibly awesome city with happy, well-fed citizens.  *Others focus on building a strong army and exploring/conquering the realm.* Many just want to tinker with the simulations in the game world. We want you to play the game the way you want to, so as you play the world will respond to your choices.

@sdee, @tom please remember the promise.


I think it’s meant more along the lines of, say, comparing it to Minecraft. In Minecraft, you can just start walking, and explore horizontally, because you don’t really have (or at least, you don’t really need) a base of operations. In Stonehearth you do (the town), so horizontal exploration is by default much more limited.

Moving on, I do like the two viewing modes for mining - a good result IMHO. I would like to see more flexible mining tools - the 4x4x4 default size is a nice start, but I’d like to be able to deliberately carve out 1x1x1 “mines” etc, if only to satisfy my OCD when it comes to building certain structures etc.


Just thought Id also say,Loving the look of the update, this game will be so amazing when its finished.

If this all works out Stonehearth > Dwarf Fortress.

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Needs more !FUN! and pointlessly complex stuff to compete in DF’s niche market. Stonehearth looks more like a competitor to something like Gnomoria, which is a lot more casual-friendly than DF.

Of course, I fully expect to see DF mods for Stonehearth coming out sooner or later to ramp up the difficulty and make even planting your first crops an exercise in frustration and sheer bloody-mindedness :smiley: .


[quote=“Teleros, post:9, topic:8779”]
I think it’s meant more along the lines of, say, comparing it to Minecraft. In Minecraft, you can just start walking, and explore horizontally, because you don’t really have (or at least, you don’t really need) a base of operations. In Stonehearth you do (the town), so horizontal exploration is by default much more limited.
[/quote] In Minecraft, I build a base because it gives me something to do, not for any real gameplay reason. I’d love to explore the countryside of Stonehearth even if I don’t have to, but because I can. If the AI is smart enough (which I hope it is, given the number of times “Pathfinding Improvements” has been a listed change) we might be able to form multiple “cities”, or at least have outposts and a capital. If the AI isn’t smart enough, and Hearthlings run back and forth between far away things, I guarantee some people will try to make gargantuan empires anyway.

I am sure roads will play a significant role in this, they make open space path finding tractable.

I am really impressed with the work you guys are doing. The one thing I have noticed while playing the alpha is that it doesn’t seem like all actions are thought of as reversible or at the very least they aren’t tested that way. I don’t know anything about the internals of the game but it seems like the object model used define structures is sub-optimal. I bring this up because the way holes are being cut reminds me of the same issues. Miners in real-life build their own platforms, scaffolding and ladders, I can only assume that Mining in-game will work much the same way.

My other concern is, what is the relation between stockpiled stone and ground mined? It should be possible to fill a mine in with stockpiled stone, maybe it will look different… how that is modeled in game is actually an interesting question…

I am saying this the nicest way I know how: I think having really solid models is the way to keep a game as super complex as this one on track. Considering the fairly quick pace you’re working at, I am guessing that’s actually what’s going on :smiley: I would feel a lot better about my hard earned [sic] $30 if something about this was mentioned explicitly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh sure, and for what it’s worth I plan on being one of those empire-building players (and I like my fancy bases in Minecraft too). However, the point is that by default, horizontal exploration is more limited, because moving your base = lots and lots of effort, whereas in Minecraft you can literally carry all the essentials - and more - in your inventory.

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I would say it was less of a promise and more of a design goal. :wink: As we invest deeper and deeper into city-building gameplay, we find it more and more difficult to work in horizontal exploration (see trapper. 1.0) because you keep having to toggle back and forth between what the people are doing out there and what they’re doing back at home.

We still love the idea of exploring the infinite world and discovering new cool things in it, but we’ll need to think about how it fits with the game as it evolves.


well…ok then…

perhaps you should switch over to combat for a little while then (which woudl mean you would invest time there so it can be thought about more and built that way ). WE need more then just goblins to fight.

goblins are getting boring.

I know its not that simple , but its an idea.
It would also perhaps, make things more interestig for you guys. , I dunno. I program… its nice to switch over to something completely different every once in awhile.

(perhaps go with a majesty style flag/hero personality system?)

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The game is in alpha. People still easily starve to death stuck in half-buildings. As important as fighting is, the game is in alpha.


Personally, I’d leave in the infinite world, even if in practice most people don’t explore beyond a square kilometre (or whatever) around their camp, development time permitting of course. Still, it wouldn’t hurt those players who don’t explore - because no exploration = no CPU time to generate the new terrain - but those who want to do it can.

As for really integrating it into the game though… hmm. For that I think you need both much improved AI (eg “guard the convoy units” or “I will be hungry in 5 seconds but will take less than 30 seconds to finish carrying this log to the stockpile AND go get food, so I will finish job then go eat”), and some kind of easy means of tracking expeditions sent out beyond the population panel.


As far as unit control goes, it seems the best way to manage a military would be through at least somewhat direct control.

With that said, I had an idea regarding separate towns. This idea would work somewhat like the zone system. The player would have the choice to mark certain large chunks of land as belonging to a certain town. Then the player could choose which citizen completes tasks in which town. There would also be the choice to create a “global laborer”, one that completes whatever task is available in the world.

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