[Dev Blog] Mining Update!



Let it be known the first step to our underground city starts here!

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+50 internet points for pure, unadulterated style on the opening sequence… :smile: :+1:


Yay!! soon my secret layers will be made… soon mwahahah >:)

I really hope there is a “You have dug too deep” easter egg or something like that!

You mean something like “secret fun” from Dwarf Fortress?

I’m excited to see how the GUI will turn out! So long as the camera controls are easy to handle, I can see the existing building/placement mechanics holding up very nicely in these underground spaces. I’m curious as to how building structures underground will go, though…

One thing I hope DOESN’T happen is the introduction of too many dirt/stone types. I’m hoping we’ll only see distinctions that have an immediate effect on the gameplay - such as Sand collapsing in on itself and being unable to tunnel into it, or Stone being harder to mine than Dirt.

Either way, I’m THRILLED! Dig dig dig!

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Yay Mining. :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

Really looking forwards to the mining, and getting underground storage. goods will be safer from gobbies…

Must say, I loved the use of Also Sprach Zarathustra / Thus Spoke Zarathustra in the opening. (good thing I googled for spelling, as I was way off).

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This is awesome!

Should wood or another material be required for mining? For example, you need wood so you can build proper wall reinforcements as you dig, just like in a real mine.

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Oh no - we need many, many (many many many) types! Give me a rainbow stone castle or give me death :laughing: !

Stonehearth: The game you need a civil engineering degree to be able to play.

But no, seriously that would be a nice touch IMHO.

And Radiant delivers. Surprised anyone?

Hears crickets

Nice work, i’m interested to see how the camera levels will work with this, if it will be a z-style drop down per “level” of ground, or sort of a ground cutaway/ghost like we see with the houses.

In any case, a great start, keep it up!

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im surprised there wasnt any caves yet
seeing as how you need to find the ore before you can mines it and forge it into the ring of ultimate evil to rule them all

Okay, had a chance to actually watch the video now (yay raiding :stuck_out_tongue: ). Some thoughts on the GUI (I’m going to assume you’re slicing off the upper levels, Gnomoria-style BTW)…

  1. Rectangular tunnelling tool
  2. Stairs tool (also ramps & ladders)
  3. Carve tool (make walls look pretty)
  4. Pave tool (carving for floors & ceilings)
  5. Build wall (basically a quick way of walling something off without having to swap to the build menu to pop a wall down - very handy in multiplayer!)

What else… the miners should probably auto-place lights down there as they go - eg the carpenter could make a “Box of 20 Torches” from 1 wooden block or something, or they just do it with the unlimited supply of torches in their pockets :wink: . As above, I think reinforcing the mine with support beams would be a great idea (especially for the human hearthlings, who of course can’t be expected to be as awesome at mining as the later dwarves will be). It’d make mining more expensive and more of an investment in time, but would IMHO really add to the character.


Really looking forward to use the terraforming skills :smiley:

I like @Teleros reinforcing idea. Mining should be really expensive (and need some time).

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I don’t know about really expensive, but I don’t think it should be “free” either. Supports that cost, say, as much as the corner columns in houses do… something like that might work IMHO.

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I guess this opens up the option for burrowing titans/enemies. Excellent.

Mole people and Worm titans hooooo!

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Really looking forward to this. If this is anywhere near as good as the early Castle Story mines or the Timber and Stone mining this will be the best game ever. OK, hyperbole, maybe but I know how great mining is in those other games and I only see it being better here.

Can’t wait to build a moat to keep the goblins out. And a giant underground city!!

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Only if I can block them somehow :stuck_out_tongue: . I don’t like games where enemies can bypass all your defences :frowning: .

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Well… if we can fortify walls/floors. There we go. It’s like playing tremors. :smile:

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