My thoughts on tunnels

First, a lighting issue. Right now, underground places are lit as if the massive chunks of dirt and stone beside and above them are just a wall or a building or a tree. In other words, they’re not very dark. In my opinion, they should be significantly darker, maybe even almost black once you go far enough from the entrance. In order for this to work well, lanterns/braziers would have to light up when they were underground, not just at night.

Second, a continuity issue. Mining can only be done in 4 [and/or 5] block increments, but walls are 6 blocks tall. I’m sure the mining and landscape bar will later be filled with commands for the geomancer and stuff with water, but as of now it’s fairly empty. I bet a 2 block or single block mining tool could be squeezed in there somewhere.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that. I don’t know if these suggestions would be worth the time it would take to program them, but I feel they would make the game just a bit more polished.


I definitely agree here, it would change the feel of the underground almost 100%

I don’t know why they didn’t do that in the first place, if they didn’t do it because they never got around to it then for sure they should make a smaller tool. But if they had another reason I would like to hear it before I came to a conclusion.


I’m guessing the mining tool defaults to a large brush size is simply to make sure it’s big enough to let hearthlings in/out. In most similar games after all, 1 person = 1 terrain square / cube (ohai Gnomoria & Dwarf Fortress), so a 1x1x1 mining tool is fine.

Agree that more mining tools would be nice though.

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