Malley and the Cave landmark

@Malley i havent been able to watch steam live for a bit, but i was watching the landmark one, and saw you had a hard time trying to get caves in. as it poke up out of ground. or the head(hole/entryway) was poking out. so what about adding like trees, rocks even a small pond/pool of water to the head to cover up the poking to make it look apart of the environment. anyways that might solve this part of the problem, and blend in the poking out part, some caves around earth pokes out in the real world so i could see that making it work. just a thought before yall fully end content


Thanks for the idea, I think that could work out - hopefully modders end up adding more ; ). I did get a few caves in - hidden between the layers of ground and set to need to be revealed (like how ore deposits require hearthlings to have vision to show up). I hope you have fun digging around and randomly find some cool stuff : D. Some landmarks might maybe just could possibly have some secrets in them as well ; ). (Nothing major, just cute stuff).





Damn, we’re gonna make so many landmarks for ACE that no Stonehearth game will ever be the same as the other :heart:

Thank you guys so much for coming up with the landmark system towards the end :merry:


Yeah, I’ve been wanting it for a LONG time. I’m really excited that it got in.


Wow, if any world, even standard has hidden caves then that is great. Thats something I always wanted since @Albert first created the digging system.

im working on teaching myself how to make em so i think that will work out just fine :wink:

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