Undeground Caves, and things in them

Some times i have the wildest urge to just build a massive city underground. It could be so well defended and just cool to have. The only problem, is there is not enough resources to do this. I was thinking, what if there was not only random caves, but there could be needed items. For instance- Mushrooms that can be farmed and grown underground for food, some type of item that replaces or counts as wood. I just personally think opening the game to the underground are would be very interesting.


I love mushroom and everything that is related. I’m in if there’s mushroom! :smiley:

Haha I absolutely agree!

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I really like this idea, the kickstarter page says that dwarves will be a playable race in the future, so we may very well see this.

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Hope so! I just find that so fascinating

Hey @Yakob212 thanks for taking the time to post your ideas on the discourse. I brought up the similar ideas to the points you mentioned in the following thread and it saw a lot of support.