Sam's Big List of Questions - Round 1

Some of these may technically be “suggestions”, but I’m not sure. I’m just curious what is currently planned/in the works, what is a “stretch goal”, and what is not in the plans at all?

  • LAVA - Are there plans to add lava underground?

  • CAVES - Are there plans to add caverns underground, or natural cave entrances? It took me a bit to realize that was what felt missing in my mining: there were no big or twisting natural caverns and caves.

  • MUSHROOMS - Will there eventually be options for underground food sources, such as mushroom farming, lizard herding, or cave fishing?

  • SPRINGS - On that note… will there be underground water sources?

  • WATER - Will Hearthlings have the ability to transport water (like in buckets or whatnot), or do they have to rely on irrigation? (I’m okay with this, just curious.)

  • BOATS - Will there be boats?

  • FISHING - Will there be fishing at all?

  • TOWN COLOR - Will we have the option to change our “town color”? (Or at least set it during town naming). I noticed right now everything is blue: Footmen, Flags, Curtains, Comfy Beds. It would be neat to be able to have everything themed in the color of our choice, even if it’s just a limited palette of 8 or 9 colors.

  • RACES - What race options are planned, if any? Human obviously. I heard somewhere that Dwarf was planned? Are there others?

  • RACE MIXING - Will a human town be able to hire a dwarf as a citizen, for example? If so, how?

  • LIGHT VS MONSTERS - Will well-lit areas be able to prevent Undead from spawning?

… That’s all I got for now. Thanks for taking the time, and (to the devs) thanks for making such an awesome game! I love it already, and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

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hey there @Sam_Riche … welcome aboard! :smile:

i’ll take a crack at a few of these, at least… :wink:

planned… exact implementation is, as yet, unknown

given the above confirmation, I think its safe to assume that the caves will be populated in some capacity… seems reasonable that some of the populace may include underground flora and fauna

again, given that caves will be a thing, and water is already a thing, underground water seems another likely thing… :smile:

we will eventually have irrigation systems (pipes) to help with our farms… and I believe buckets have been mentioned as well (ages ago)…

I think this has been mentioned as well… whether it was as a means to supplement the food stores, or as a simple idle animation, I cant recall…

(from the campaign page)

Three Playable Kingdoms: Hardy explorers and canny traders join our hardworking settlers in their quest to build, farm, and fight their way across the land. At the start of each game, choose one of the three kingdoms, each with its own unique perks.


That sound pretty logical so good idea!

  • Lava: Almost certainly. There will eventually be a Magma Smith (Kickstarter stretch goal).
  • Caves: Yes. That’s a “biomes” thing. There is someone working on Biomes as part of their internship at Radiant.
  • Mushrooms: I think this question was asked in a Stream and the member of Radiant who replied seemed keen on the idea. We’ll probably see it eventually.
  • Springs: I think so, but I can’t remember details of any comments about it.
  • Water: Maybe.
  • Fishing: They want to add that eventually.
  • Town Color: I’ve heard that they want to implement some palette swapping technology into the game eventually. How far that will go is not known.
  • Races: See relyss’ response.
  • Race mixing: I haven’t heard any comments about this. It’s so far off that any answer would be very speculative anyway.
  • Light vs Monsters: It doesn’t now. No idea if it will later or not. Myself, I’d rather see there be a religious job that can sanctify areas to prevent undead and/or monster spawning (and is probably a combat job too). Seems too easy to just plonk down lights and prevent Undead forever!

Given that “Magma Smith” is a planned class, I think it’s safe to assume that we will have lava and magma in some form. I don’t know if it will occur naturally though.

I brought up the idea on stream once and Tom’s reply sounded positive.

They planned a dye system a while back, and Tom’s said on stream that they still have a plan for that, but it’s not going to be implemented until later.

[quote=“Sam_Riche, post:1, topic:15335”]
RACES - What race options are planned, if any? Human obviously. I heard somewhere that Dwarf was planned? Are there others?
[/quote]There’s been some talk about the Bunny People and the Goblins being playable. The team’s thought about that a bit but they haven’t come to a conclusion but “later if at all”. Failing that, I’m sure people will mod them in as playable.