Poll: Most requested gameplay feature!

so, it seems we are now able to provide polls on the Discourse! :smiley: :+1:

as such, let’s kick this off with an innagural poll about the features folks would most like to see in future builds… i havent given this a whole lot of thought, as i just discovered the option to create polls, so this thread may get replaced as more meaningful suggestions come to light… :smile:

to make this simple, how about we start with the development options that @Tom most recently mentioned (as well as a few others tossed in from the Dev Road Map):

  • Building Improvements: Usability improvements, cost estimates, building templates.
  • Class Progression: Units will level up, gaining new perks, new recipes, etc.
  • Mining: Make your own subterranean caverns, mine for stone and minerals, etc.
  • Roads: You will be able to build roads. Citizens will travel faster on roads
  • Trading: The ability to buy and sell goods from travelling vendors who visit your town.
  • Water: The blue stuff.
  • Monsters & Denizens: Goblins, Rabbit clan, etc.
  • Game Master updates: Chaining and branching scenarios.
  • New Player Classes: Archer, Mason, etc.
  • Combat Engine: Additions and improvements to combat

I think mining opens up so much for the other feature, it is probably the most important feature in my mind.


I picked Mining but to me it is tied with Monsters & Denizens… mainly because I like cool interesting NPCS as much as I like underground bases.

Going to opt for building improvements I think. Foundations first, then we can get more shiny stuff later :slight_smile: .


I also went with mining, althought this is because I feel that it opens so many OTHER things up, for example, masons can’t really come in without mining, nor many combat improvements (what would the swords be made of?). However, I really want to see more reason to expand, at present it seems like there isn’t much reason I should expand my settlement, except as new workers appear.

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so cool!
but i think its all peoples opinions because if you do 1 of those ie mining well what now i cant use it so um we need classes to use the stuff you get so i works but at the same time only a few things can be put in the game without another part added as well

Wouldn’t mining tie in with the mason tho? Sure you cant get some stone as is, but it’s not a whole lot.

Making both mining and the mason available at the same time seems pretty logical to me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thankfully, any of these features would make me happy. But as building design is probably the most massive aspect of the game, I decided to go with that. Cooler buildings for everyone, huzzah


NOT FAIR! I WANT ALL THE FEATURES EQUALLY! XD Keep up the good work guys


Too right, what’s the point of a mason if they have no workshop to build stuff in.

This is a cool feature, I find the results very interesting as well. Its funny how sooo many people wanted roads to be added in the game like right now, but now that mining was whispered everyone wants mining. Not a bad thing, just interesting. I personal went for roads for now although I would put mining second. But then age old question is asked, what comes first the mason or the mining? hmmm


Roads are more than likely going to require stone to construct. Therefore mining would have to be implemented in order to supply said stone.

Building stone roofs is quite difficult at the moment due to limited supply of stone.

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true very true, but what if we had a “upgraded road” option. not really upgrading per say, but kind of like the beds idea where you can either wait and get the nice fancy stone road when you have the right crafters and materials (like the comfy bed) or just do it to have it and opt for dirt roads that the workers can just dig out (like the mean bed). Both roads could do the same thing, but one looks nicer. thoughts?

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Interesting idea. Dirt roads and paths would be viable. Personally, I would love to see roads implemented, especially if you could get your soldiers to patrol them, rather than the stockpiles


That’s a fantastic idea!


I think the best is to optimize or debug the building system - ladder down + wall building (see cliff and other wall issue - perhaps inside wallbuilding). after this they can add water and mining to complete the landscape system.

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I decided (after a little debate) to request the building system. Trust me, I want roads and mining as much as anyone, but I feel getting a little more improvement to vertical construction is something that can benefit these other concepts once implemented–being able to create stairs, raised platforms, and improving ladder functionality, for example. Being able to build things like this would make mining and roads more diverse, rather than just creating slowly descending slopes of dirt/rock until you reach your desired y-axis height.

Honestly, any of the concepts listed are great to me. I guess it should really boil down to what functions give the most new content and how they will simplify or benefit each other’s development.


There is an easy fix to all of this nonsense, make em all at once! ;D

Mining, Monsters and Water. It has to be said.

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I actually choose the combat engine (I think adding more monsters could be done in parallel rather nicely). As exciting as mining is, I feel like the current world should be polished off a lot more before moving on to the more complex task of incorporating mines and mining. Improving combat, building construction, worker AI, and leveling/classes as well as resolving bugs should probably be the first priorities.

Overall, recent progress on the game has been fantastic! Alpha 5 is much more stable and there seem to be fewer bugs (thanks Radiant team!). I bet all of these features will roll out at a good pace.