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Hey Guys,

I have some pretty exciting news. We, Twonkhammer Entertainment (, will be interviewing the Stonehearth team for an upcoming segment of our podcast, The Ban Hammer in the next couple of days. If the community has any questions for them we would love to hear them. Feel free to respond to this thread or drop me an email at with your questions. I can’t promise that we’ll get to them all, but we certainly will try.



excellent! let’s see:

  1. can they reveal any additional professions we have yet to hear about?

  2. can we see some values that might be editable (via scripting), for something like a weapon or piece or armor?

  3. will enemies drop “loot”, and if so, would the bodies “fade”, leaving items, or will the player have to search the body?

  4. how many characters on the screen at once are they comfortable with (large scale battle)?

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Oh god… I hope you guys reserved a long segment @theesh ^^
I can see a lot of Questions coming this way.

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  1. How will co-op work? ie, 2 people 2 settlements or 2 people 1 settlement?

  2. If co-op is in the game (2 people 1 settlement), will we be able to play live PvP, 2 (or more) people each with their own settlement, with user controlled alliances?

  3. Would 8 player co-op be possible?

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How much support has there been from the Fighting Games Community

Having come from an era once considered the golden age of gaming, how do you feel about the current environment of indie development and crowd sourcing.

Will you be advertising hires, or will you source them privately

Will bunnies have divekicks?

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Will there be weather physics?

We know that you’re working on getting water physics down, and that - if the stretch goal is hit - there will be seasons, but will you be trying to implement physics for weather?

I’m thinking potential flooding when it rains, snowdrifts.

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I want this answered the most. Please multiplayer Minecraft settings, this game would be so damn popular if it had this.

I’m curious if there is a specific system for magic and i have to agree with @Ramcat about the multiplayer stuff.

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The main question I have at this point is clarification on mining/digging/etc. Is it basically just surface strip mining, or will we be able to dig into mountainsides and excavate mountain halls and the like? If we dig a hole, can we fill it in again with dirt and have it look like it was? If we dig wrong, will we get terrain collapsing on our heads? When the goblins attack, will there be goblin sappers digging through our earthworks?

Beyond that, they’ve mentioned plans for an Underground – is this just like “ok, you can dig into the side of a hill”, or are we talking like full on Underdark here with underground rivers and lakes and, I dunno, Dark Deep Lagomorphs or whatever?

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Whilst I can’t answer all of the above, in regards to what the underground will be like:

Taken from the Q & A:

  • [url] What will mining look like to the player? [/url]

“We want the underground to be just as content-dense as the above ground. Above ground there’s stuff going on all the time: trees, flowers, critters hopping around, etc.
We want the underground to have a similar density, where you don’t have to dig very far before running into something interesting, even if it’s just some fluorescent plants in a subterranean cave or whatever.”


Second question taken from [url]here[/url] - Will there be collectables in game, such as schematics for weapons and armour, ancient or lost runes, etc.


Alpha release? Unless we have all decided against it, I guess, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

How will you balance your goals for the game you want to make, against the freeflowing gameplay hopes of the people who see this as Dwarf Fortress 3D with Minecraft openness purely based on the visual style

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Can you hold NPCs or players as hostages in the game?
What enemies will be in the game?
How will Seasons affect the town, people and NPCs?
In co-op will we be able to build a huge city with over 20-40 town’s people?
In co-op will we be able to allow other people to control over each others towns and people?

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Will there be any “Heroes” in game?
Will your city be able to trade, make alliances, or declare war on other player’s/npc cities?
What will the other “planes” comprise of?
Will villagers have an inventory to place loot, resources, etc. ?
How customizable will your faction be in terms of culture? (buildings, armor, weapons, people, creatures)
When can we expect to get it released?


“When can we expect to get it released?”

beta estimated by Dec 2013, release by Sep 2014… :slight_smile:

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how many soundtracks will their be in game? could their be a option too loop music tracks you like or will it be random based on events happening at the time

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(1) ozzi9816 of Steam Greenlight asks: “When the game comes out will the people in, say, a snow biome be wearing snow clothes like coats, and the people in the desert be wearing desert clothes or is everyone going to be wearing the same clothes?” I have a follow up question to this: Will there be a change of clothes due to the changing of the seasons?

(2) If a deal is reached with Minddesk concerning Qubicle and Stonehearth, is Radiant Entertainment considering making that deal a stretch goal on Kickstarter if a deal is brokered in time?

(3) Is there any consideration for creating a prototypical Arcane Mage/Wizard class now that magic is going to play a larger role in the game than originally imagined?

(4) What is your favorite Star Wars film? If you say Episode I, I will be removing my pledge on Kickstarter… just kidding… maybe. :wink:

  1. will radiant create their own (hosted) wiki, or will they leave that up to this (wonderful) community?

  2. how customizable will the player controls be? is everything “remappable”?

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Will there be cause and effect in the game? say you attack a small group of goblins who turn out to be part of a larger horde thus resulting in their wrath.

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