Ideas for npc interactions

So imagine you’ve established your city you have a strong standing army and goblin camps have been springing up like weeds, but instead of the typical response of of an all out attack what if the goblin camps could be occupied by your troops and the conquered goblins could be used to harvest resources for your main city and thus granting you a bonus to your resource gathering rate.


@wolf Slavery! I like it. :wink:

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a little dark but in a nutshell yes slavery


@wolf Hey, it’s been a part of warfare for thousands of years. I think it would add a very interesting dynamic to the game and give those players that want a darker experience a reason to play Stonehearth. Besides, wouldn’t it be more satisfying to take out a “slave” nation in PvP City Raids? :wink:

Exactly and imagine that if the subjected goblins could actually rebel if you don’t properly garrison the captured camp, by stealing weapons from the local barracks or gurrilla tactics like setting stuff on fire or sabotaging resource local gathering operations.

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@wolf I do like this line of thinking and I hope the dev team seriously looks into this. If it isn’t already addressed by the next Q&A session, I will definitely share your idea. :wink:

Edit: Don’t forget about the interview that the guys at Twonkhammer are going to have with the devs. You can submit questions/suggestions for the interview here: Get Your Questions Answered!

I love the possible scope this game offers and I am abuzz with ideas and stuff

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I rather make them part of my town after their defeat. They could become soldiers or blacksmiths or even framers. They could train you soldiers to fight better and teach them to build certain things that are unique to Goblins.

I’m wondering if bunny men eat twice as much (vegetables) then normal men. Meaning if you live near them they might farm twice as much land. Your people will eat less or have less space to live in. And when winter comes and you can’t grow any food. They might attack you for food and water. Now trying to solve that issues in the game would be fun.

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@Skull24 Incorporation? Why not? That has also been a part of warfare for a long time. The best example would be Alexander the Great.

Yes and no, I know it’s not real but I don’t want any slaves in my city. I think it’s a bit unfair and not something I would have in my city. Capturing them and letting them become citizens may work out better in the long run than slavery.

i love the idea of using my conquered foes as a new source for the labor pool… i would pay them a decent wage, but no healthcare benefits… goblins have ridiculous dental requirements…


@Skull24 Just because the option is there, doesn’t mean that you have to take it. I mean, nobody’s forcing you to against your will… or are they? :wink:

I know that. I was just giving an another point of view on the subject.

@Skull24 Yeah, I know. I was attempting to offer a counterpoint given how you worded your post and make a pun at the same time. I apologize if I gave offense, for that was not my intent. :wink:

Another interesting aspect would be if the actions of your city had a caused a change in the lands political spectrum for example, you capture a goblin camp and it turns out that the camp you captured was actually a small branch of a much larger goblin horde who deemed your settlement as unimportant but then you went on and claimed some of their territory thus invoking their wrath and leaving you with not only managing an new imperial colony but a far more powerful foe.

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The Devs did mention that the Game will react to the way you play. So I imagine that if you go into capturing enemies for slavery then these enemies would in turn try to capture your own people for the same purpose.

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No, offense taken. I like to hear from others.

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