What if Goblins can be captured and used as laborers

So had this idea if the blacksmith could create a kind of jail-cell and the goblins could be trained afterwards to work.The honor tokens could be used as some kinda payment or as incentive to behave.
Just throwing that out there since the last stream mentioned that hearthlings could be kidnapped.


There is a lot of talk among the discourse about how to incorporate goblins as part of our own hearthling villages. This one is a pretty good one, although personally I’d rather them come of their own free will.

This is a pretty solid foundation though.


I have an image of a goblin begger holding a sign.
“Will work for bed.”


If it continues like this we are going to end up with so many in-jokes that every new player is gonna be confused as hell :stuck_out_tongue:


I want slaves!!!

And I bet @Dwalus will love to set up the Church of the Scarlet Lantern in game… nudge nudge @thorbjorn42gbf

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They should make different ways on getting goblins to join us! Making them slaves is a good one, but also maybe we could trick them into thinking whatever force is controling them is bad and they should join us!

The dev’s said that the goblins are the fodder for a stronger race. Maybe we can use that to our advantage :smiley:

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Oh god no.

Sometimes I disturb myself, those are truly dark days.

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Come on @Newf. Not goblins.

Doesn’t this seem awfully racist?
Just because they are different does mean we should enslave them.


Off course it means we need to enslave them. Just look at their faces they are clearly lesser being…

Seriously though i think the idea of enslaving enemies is quite cool, but it should still be done in the cute style the game has (However cute slavery is going to be possible)


Well it seems kinda fair because ya know they raid our settlements and in a later patch they will capture your hearthlings.
And i’m not totally heartless they will be fed and get them honor tokens.


Different species, not ethnic group.

Feel free to slaughter/enslave with a clean conscience, because yay for fantasy settings :laughing: !


Isn’t any sort of slavery bad though?

Speciesist then?

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how about like a type of stick tied to their head with food on the other end of it. Its like they keep following the food as they do the task.

That would definitely look look funny :smiley:

Or we could just buy goblin mercenaries with the tokens to fight for us or to protect our towns.

edit: weve seen the rideable wolves for goblins, would be cool if we could hire those as their most expensive unit or something.


ALL OF MY YES that idea should be on the list if it isn’t already

There could be a new class called “The Maker of Shiny Things”, and we could trade the goblins shiny things for their less than par qualities services. There could also be an even where if there is another species attacking you, you could offer the goblins a safe space to store their shiny things, in exchange for their help in fighting off the other species (I would say races, but hostile non-human groups were referred to as species earlier in this thread).