Goblins- Join my Town!

I want to be able to convince some of the sad goblins that are longing for a better life, to join my town.

I can/will offer them a bed (with a window now) and food ;-;

I see suggestions saying goblins should be laborers or slaves, and I don’t want that. I think they should be equals.

One thing that could be interesting is if we have to purchase a book of goblin language to master the arts of talking to the goblins and convincing them to join our town.

And maybe if the goblin acted like a new settler quest had been accepted (like if convincing the goblin required you had a certain amount of food/net worth just like getting a new settler does). I don’t want the goblins just to be an extra way to cheat into getting a bigger town faster, after you get a goblin hearthling I think the game should react the same way as if you had gotten a normal settler (amount of food/ net worth needed for another one rises).


I would like to see the goblins, and all the other races of the world of Hearth, offer unique benefits to your town. For example, the goblins might offer weapon-making knowledge to allow your soldiers to wield powerful (and cheap) bone weapons. Ogres might make powerful workers (e.g. high carry capacity and can work for a long time before getting tired or hungry), so they’re not just “slaves” but they’re actually really good at that specific job… although they’d probably eat a lot of food too, so you wouldn’t use them to replace all your regular workers, they’d be great for hauling materials over long distances or for logging and mining jobs.


I like this idea, maybe for the goblin bone weapons you’ll need a Goblin Workshop too, I suppose you’ll have to make bones rare to balance them being powerful and cheap. For Ogres maybe make them need a massive space so they don’t feel cramped too, I like them eating a lot though…

It is an interesting concept to have cross/multi-species settlements, certainly. Especially working with a decision system of slaves/equal integration for how you want your civilisation to function. But I think this would be more suited for a mod than for the main base game. (Hint, hint, idea’s for experienced modders :wink: )