Goblin settler/traveller or whatever this can be counted as

I know this is probably a terrible idea, but I thought I’d post it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, there’s already caravan traders and travelling merchants, so why not have a goblin outcast or mercenary. A notification would come up like ‘a tired goblin wanders into town’ and when selected, a message from the goblin would say something along the lines of ‘I’m tired, hungry and have no where left to go, I’ll work for you for x amount of gold/recourses’. I know its a pretty stupid idea, but i just thought it would add a little more depth to the game.


More depth? I doubt it. But it would be hilarious :smile:

You could just make him a re-skinned footmen, if you wanted…

I like that idea, sounds like a good way to add interest to your workforce.

it sounds like a good seed for a mod scenario.

I definitely like it! :slight_smile: Been thinking of similar scenarios for new or temporary hearthlings. People that might already be skilled in a job and have a background and requirements for staying. Either joining you or just passing through, with a chance of being convinced to stay. I see no reason why goblins and other sentient beings couldn’t join you, though it should be rare of course.
Having a goblin living in your camp could improve your relations with the rest of the goblins or make it worse. Which one it is could be random for each game or goblin.

love the idea that wanders come in your town (human, orc, goblin,…) and that you can take them in your town. Maybe like some people say that a quest/scenario can start then.

Wow, diddnt think i would get such positive replies. Thanks! :smiley:

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