Recruiting Lone Goblins?

Every once in a while in the forests surrounding my town, I find a lone goblin worker wandering aimlessly. Sometimes they have a little fire pit that they light in the night but either way, it’s just them all alone. I have already completed the Goblin Combat Campagin so to still see one waddling around was a bit of a surprise. I dispatched a footman to get rid of him, and the poor goblin in a futile attempt to survive fled. He was cut down easily enough but I felt absolutely terrible about it.

I’m not sure if it’s just a bug but it’s like this Goblin was left behind when the rest of them packed up camp and left and now had to fend for itself. So that’s when an idea popped in my head.

What if after you complete the Goblin Campaign you could recruit these lone goblins to join your town at the cost of a little food? I think it would be awesome to upgrade the new goblins and have marauders in tow with footmen or Cheiftans marching along with Knights. And maybe you could gain the ability to build the some of the goblin buildings too. I mean those barricades they look like a great and cheap way stall invaders or a nice prop for my military barracks.

I think this is a much better way to deal with the Goblin remnants rather than attacking them knowing they can’t defend themselves.


I’m not sure how much work thsi would take for the dev team to implement this, but I sure as hell would love to see this! Goblins are really adorable in stonehearth. And I know people are working on mods for them as a playable race, but I’m sure I’m not alone in the idea of recruiting the lone goblin straggler or two!


The lone goblins is no bug its rather a random encounter like the giant zombie. When you let him be long enough he will spawn attack groubs. I know that 1 goblin looks like a bug when you already finished the goblin campain, but its 1 of the possible encounters that happen every 30min i think.
Also i think that it wasn’t just 1 goblin, there should have been at least 2 more fighters, that got killed without you knowing. An other possibibility for that is an other encounter attacked the camp and the worker survived (i saw that happen on my own :joy:)

If possible the encounter should be upgraded so that after you finished the first goblin camp its harder.

  • more fighter for defence
  • stronger attack groubs

I have seen a few goblin thieves spawn but within a matter of moments they despawn in a puff of smoke. I haven’t had a single goblin attack ever since thier army left. And it didn’t even attack when my other workers were collecting wood close by his little camp.

I like this idea a lot. One suggestion I have is that goblins could also ask to join your town as a part of an event. After you defeat them I mean.

I like that, it could also work for the Orc’s as well as they might see your town as a place to achieve more honor than the Red Kiln if they suffer a defeat.