The goblin camp wont interact with me

Hi, ive bee playing stoneheart for awhile and after about 3 or 4 days the goblin camp will spawn and nothing happens, i sent my footmen over and they didnt attack. the chief just walks around and then small goblin camps appear around my village and then a semetery popped up next to the goblin camp, and the goblins did nothing. i sent my footmen there and they attacked all the skeletons and zombies and killed the reaper. im busy playing on alpha 16 build 552

Did you appease the goblins by giving into their demands? If you did then the goblins become neutral to you until the next time the chief demands something and you say no.

the goblin camp just appeared, i dont recieve any messages from the goblin camp/ goblin chief. they just appear out of no where and walk around. even after 30 days i still didnt recieve any message or demands from the goblins

in addition to what Geokhan has said the goblins if they feel they can’t win against you they will leave:) so don’t worry they may not be there forever :smiley:

i have never given anything to goblins spits they are not of the same level in which to be considered on the same evolutionary level as us Stone Hearthers

hahahaha, i had 2footmen who were level 2 when the goblin camp spawned. now i have 4 level 6 footmen and 1 level 2 cleric. im on day 6 or 7 of dewmoon (34 days after they spawned) and they are still there, and they’re spreading like a virus :anguished: right now i have a goblin camp and 3 small goblin camps near my village. the chief just walks up and down around those camps:expressionless:

If only i could send a set of mercenaries to your lands and quell these vile goblins in the name of insert a gods name here

this is turning a bit into role play i feel i like taken this topic off course…

All i would say is prefer yourself if they have spread make sure you can deal with them because they may turn on you.

lmao, im not annoyed that they arent attacking, im annoyed that they are spreading because they spawn all over and its making my game lag :weary: :disappointed_relieved:

whispers… i didn’t tell you this because some may say this is cheating :smiley:

select the thing you want to remove ie the goblins and press ctrl + c and once you have the thing you want gone selected type destroy

that will remove it from your game

you have to select each goblin by itself and each building or item but should be able to clear them to make the game run better :slight_smile:

ahhh! :smile: i was using ib and destroy to help me build my castles and buildings, i totally forgot about using it on the goblins :sweat_smile: thanks for giving me the hint :no_mouth:

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It would be great to be able to hire mercenaries temporarily to supplement your armed forces while you develop. If you can summon merchants and buy stuff, it seems like summoning armed mercenaries should be possible. That would help out in situations like when Rayya’s Children have a while before getting decent gear.

Although I don’t think it would help in the current game, but why are you still in the 552 version? Didn’t you get the 559 one; which is the current?

I have not had that problem so far, but then again I am playing an old save. Appears to be a bug, and one that happens in like A14-A15 at one time on the test branch. The continuous spawning campsites that is.

Not sure if that bug still in, but my current old file has stopped spawning new camps since the early stages of A15. Maybe the save file has something wrong on it? As the questline should appear usually within a day or 2 of them showing up. So confused. :confused:

Hi there!

It sounds like you never got the first goblin chief dialog. Could you possibly upload your save so I can take a look? Here’s an older post than explains how to upload a save: How to Upload Save Files

@Tamorr I can take a look at your save as well :slight_smile: .


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Well mine the goblins are in perpetual peace, since that was the route I took, but you can have a look anyway. As that is the same save with the combat errors I posted about.

I don’t mind that it is peaceful like this in the save, but the cheiftan never left. Probably something to do with coming from A14 (one of the last beta branch of that version) and through all Alphas to the current one. Things spawn… But for obvious reasons the goblins don’t; which is good in peacetime. The multiple camps that are around happened before the fix happened, and they stopped.

Now the only thing that spawns are the other camps, even the new kobold ones. So in this one I will never see the final battle of goblin campaign due to the route I took. That and being an older save about 60mb although compressed is roughly 12; I think, if I remember correctly.

my save file is about 30mb’s :unamused: and im using the older build because im waiting for alpha 17 to come out, which came out today on steam

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If you have google drive or dropbox you can also upload it there and share a public link, or try compressing the save folder. It’s fine if you’re using an older build, I can also test it on the release branch.

It’s not immediately clear what the issue is without looking more closely, but in the meantime you can also install the debugtools mod and shift+click a goblin and use the Make Hostile command to be able to kill them. I’m also adding a console command to the game so you can do ‘set_amenity hostile’ from the command console, which will be in the next unstable build. Has this been happening in all your games or only the current save?

Let me know if any of that helps!

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