Bug for one Colonist

So, my name is Anton and I’m really in love with Stonehearth.
I buyed it today because I remembered it. Now the bug: My Guard just glitched out and stood for a hour and didn’t even sleep. He was hungry and still didn’t walk anywhere. My Town-Alarm was off, and I deactivated the offensive in the group-menu. Still nothing. I even degraded him and wanted to promote him again, but he just threw everything in the dirt and didn’t promote himself.
Thats one bug.
I build Walls everywhere to protect me from these damn goblins (I still didn’t find any villages, only these little campfires) and then they spawned. 16 goblins in 5 secs, music didn’t stop. But I have to say that I looted their campfires, so the zones didn’t go away. I didn’t know that the actual spawns are in the zones. So I did build a wall and captured them. Now a pack of four goblins spawned, nothing happened. 2 packs of armored goblins, still nothing. 4 thiefs spawned, and then everything began going really wrong. Music doesn’t stopped, menu wasn’t a menu anymore, just a graphic. I pressed escape and heard opening of the menu but klicking did nothing. Now I had to Alt + F4 out of the game, nothing worked.
Hopefully thats something I did wrong, because I don’t want to say that its the fault of the devs.
(Sorry for bad english)
With love, a gamer from Germany.

Welcome to the forum, @Mantoron :smile:

Did you have him in a party and with the attack / defense banner placed, perhaps? :confused:
Although we have idle hearthlings bug, anyway. He might have got stuck with something.

The combat music plays if there’s any threat nearby, so if you have aggressive goblins near your town, it won’t stop, I’m afraid. :sweat:

Ah, that must be this bug:

Players are reporting that they get many camps spawning in a short time.

If your game lagged so badly as to have to close it, you might have had some errors running on the background, or maybe too many goblins. If you could paste here the contents of your stonehearth.log file (usually it’s located on C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\stonehearth.log or a similar route if you’re playing via Steam) it could be useful for the devs.

Or you could also send your savefile to support@radiant-entertainment.com, mentioning this bug report on the email, so they can check what was going on.

sorry that I am answering so late, but the bug killed me. I stopped playing and stopped looking for the forum, but I’m back at the game.

That is what I actualy checked, and no, he didn’t have a banner placed. I heard about the idle hearthling bug and I think it was it.
If thats the little skull camps, then yes, its this bug.
As I played the game, it fps dropped after all the camps spawned in and no goblin could move, so I think the problem was that the goblin AI couldn’t find a way and took more RAM for it, so the game-fps dropped. 12 goblins without a way, the bar sayed thats the way finder got over half RAM.

But now I got a “bug” or “missing function”. I can’t delete ladders which are build with the construction of a building. My hearthlings just use them instead of my staircaise. And it looks like a labyrinth to fake heaven. :disappointed_relieved: (There are like 6 ladders that are even higher than the stairs they build…)

And I wanted to say again that there is a “bug” or I don’t know what to call it, but if I loot the campfires the looting zones from the goblins stay and at this place the goblins will just respawn.

Another thing what I saw, is that if my guard kills a goblin, he just destroys the coal or mark or whatever the goblin dropps. Or even if the goblins steal it they just attack the item 'till it’s destroyed. I’m writing this because I killed a goblin village with this “Me are boz, you nub”-guy. I didn’t look what the guards did after, I was looking to farm my food and manage my Village for some time, and after that I returned and the village was gone, the chest and (I think it’s loot, I don’t actualy know) that what was in it was gone.

(Again sorry for my veeery long pause and late answer)
With love, a gamer from Germany.

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