Goblin camp and brain dead hearthings

So a goblin camp spawn on top of my fire pit and village flag making impossible to trade or spawn new hearthings. Also it made my hearthings brain dead too. Not sure if it’s a bug or really bad luck. Not much else to say it didn’t have a bug pop up hench why I dodnt know if it’s a bug but thought I should share it here.

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would you mind taking a screenshot and uploading to imgur.com? we can embed the image in your post directly, until you are able to do that yourself… thanks! :+1:

can you also tell us which version of the game you are running? and your system details as well (OS, graphics card, CPU, etc.)

Thank you

I don’t have a screen shoot sorry. There was no bug pop up so I didn’t take a screen shoot. However I can tell you everything else

Stonehearth 0.1.0 release 223 x64 build
Amd Fx -8350 8 core 4.00ghz processor
16GB ram
64 bit Op system
NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 HDMI 32 bit graphics card
150GB hard drive

Basically think small town with fire pit and village placed like start spawn about two stockpiles beside about six squares apart. Also a carpenter’s bench was nine blocks from pit. Then plop a goblin village on top. Everything was on solid flat ground away from mountains and cliffs. I let it run for about five minutes and when a merchant came for trade both green buttons for buying or selling turned dark green and could not click on them. Hearthings just stopped doing anything. That’s the best description I can give on placements.

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In these instances, if you could zip up your save game folder and link it to the Devs, it’s most helpful to them.


I’d say really bad luck, but definitely a bug since the camp is supposed to spawn around your city, not right on top of your firepit… :disappointed_relieved:

I agree with @NonBritGit, the savegame could be of use for the devs. And the stonehearth.log file too.

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