[R271 (x64)] Goblin Demands From The Grave

Don’t know if this is a bug, but know it shouldn’t do this.

If you defeat the goblin camp before their demands are met or denied, they will continue to request demands and send a party after you.


Just bought the game and am enjoying the game so much!

The entire process that I have gone through is as follow.
P.S sorry if I’m supposed to use a certain formant in reporting bugs.

The globin chief has asked for some items from me in exchange for peace. I said okay.

The day after that, I have 2 of my villager change to soldier and have a wooden shield and a stone hammer. Charge to the globin camp, killing off the normal globin soldiers then the chief then the 2 little helpless workers.

At the same time, the window for confirming paying the chief is actively in display.
After which I started tearing down the buildings. The chat bow of the chief popped up at the same time raging about me tearing down buildings with the Okay button.

I ignored that and keep doing my business.
Following that, I click the Okay button of the raging conversation and normally it would have disappear after you click Okay but its still there so I clicked again and again. Then next thing that I notice when I go back and try to collect items is that there are tones of globin spawned at the original camp fire position.

And then the pop up bobble is gone once I resume from pressing Esc.

Quite sure that this is a bug right?
I mean if I have killed the chief then there should be a pop up window raging about me destroying the buildings in the first place. Then it should have been closed after the first time I click Okay.

Hope this can help you to debug the game :wink:
Happy coding.

Edit: Now its time for me to find a way to kill all the globins that I spawned 23 of them in total.

Welcome to the forum, @JLKing :smile:!
We like to use this format for the bug reports:

but it’s normal that new people don’t know about it.

Your bug it’s an interesting one, and I’m sure the devs want to know about it. Not sure who to page, though. It should be @Tom, I think. Just in case @sdee and she’ll know who should check this out.

Also, which build were you playing, latest Alpha 10?


I know this used to be a bug in A9 and early versions of A10, but I’m having trouble reproducing it in the most recent (Steam Unstable) version of the game. Does this happen every single time?

It happened in yesterday’s play of R271. I haven’t tried it yet in R293. Give me a bit and I’ll try to recreate it.


I sincerely apologise for not reading the Welcoming post before posting, my bad. Will follow the official format this time :).

That scenario happened in Alpha 10 build 271 I guess? The build that is 2 updates before.

After updating, the save is no longer playable so I started a new game and I kind of figured out how that happened.

Summary: Multiple conversation windows of the same notification.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click on the “Bulletins” Icon and bring up the notification window.
  2. Click on any notifications ,for this matter, the warning one.
  3. You are allowed to click as many times as you like to bring up multiple conversation windows with the globin chief of the same notification and there for every time you click OK, a group of globin will be spawned.

Expected Results: only one conversation window is brought up no matter how many times you click on the same notification.

Actual Results: There are as many conversation windows as number of click you made.

Note: I found that any notification will work. The one from the traveller at the start will give multiple windows as well. I clicked it once, then click on “Bulletins” and click the same notification again. I have 2 conversation windows from the traveller and ended up with offering of the free food. And I confirm that more than 2 times will work also.

Versions and Mods: any version since Alpha 10 build 271 (x64) as allowed me to do that. No mods.

System Information: acer Laptop, intel i5, AMD HD8750m 2GB VRAM. 4GB DDR3,