[Dup] Infinitely spawning globin from destroyed camp

Just bought the game and am enjoying the game so much!

The entire process that I have gone through is as follow.
P.S sorry if I’m supposed to use a certain formant in reporting bugs.

The globin chief has asked for some items from me in exchange for peace. I said okay.

The day after that, I have 2 of my villager change to soldier and have a wooden shield and a stone hammer. Charge to the globin camp, killing off the normal globin soldiers then the chief then the 2 little helpless workers.

At the same time, the window for confirming paying the chief is actively in display.
After which I started tearing down the buildings. The chat bow of the chief popped up at the same time raging about me tearing down buildings with the Okay button.

I ignored that and keep doing my business.
Following that, I click the Okay button of the raging conversation and normally it would have disappear after you click Okay but its still there so I clicked again and again. Then next thing that I notice when I go back and try to collect items is that there are tones of globin spawned at the original camp fire position.

And then the pop up bobble is gone once I resume from pressing Esc.

Quite sure that this is a bug right?
I mean if I have killed the chief then there should be a pop up window raging about me destroying the buildings in the first place. Then it should have been closed after the first time I click Okay.

Hope this can help you to debug the game :wink:
Happy coding.

Edit: Now its time for me to find a way to kill all the globins that I spawned 23 of them in total.

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I’m trying my best to understand this, and just want to ask, it wouldn’t be something like this, would it?

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Yes, I made a note not to forget merging with that topic. But it seems the merging feature is still broken. We’re looking into it. Thanks

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