Goblin Camps wont fight me

So I payed the goblins tribute and now i cant fight them anymore :frowning:Is there a way to make them hostile again?

I do believe after a while they’ll ask for another tribute… ? Not sure…

How long does that normally take? Its been like 4 days

Well it should be a substantial amount considering you paid them a substantial amount to keep peace. :slight_smile:

They asked for 3 doors :stuck_out_tongue: thats not really substantial but alright

Are you playing Alpha 14?
I haven’t played Alpha 14 yet so i probably should stop talking like i know a lot about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup :stuck_out_tongue: thats probably why they’re kinda bugged out atm but is there a way to make them hostile? like with the devtools or something

I have no clue! :smiley: I have been avoiding those kinda things cause i like my game completely vanilla (just a strange preference).
@8BitCrab might know more about it…
Or maybe @jomaxro

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Calling @8BitCrab or @jomaxro for some lovely help XD

Hey I had this happen too and totally forgot about it because the problem resolved itself and this is how:

A big Rock Golem thingie spawned nearby and attacked the Goblin camp and killed the chief/king - this triggered the rest of the goblins milling about back to active again and I was able to send footmen to finish it off.

But before that, many days went by (at least 5 or 6?) where they were not sending anymore messages and I was unable to attack them… they all just stood around.

Yea I think its because im in A14 because i aslo have 2 goblin camps right next to each other o.o so there are 2 chiefs, even if its a bug its fun to think that that one encampment of goblins is slowly spreading and become a town ((future feature?) (Damn try saying that 5 times fast)) but yea i appeased both of them (1 chief wanted 1 wolf pelt and the other wanted 3 doors :stuck_out_tongue:) So now im just sitting in the camp a level 6 footman with 6 body and spirit with a stone maul, wooden shield, and some bronze armor i got from a trader and a level 4 footman with 5 body and 4 spirit with the same equipment (the level 6 is named after me :wink: so he better survive)

EDIT: I just decided to use the kill command on one of the chiefs and now everything is okay. After all, there can be only one

EDIT (Part 2 ;)): So after a long fight and 2 strength potions later i have completely destroyed both goblin camps :grin: And no one died!! (Other than the Goblins of course)

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Hey everyone! There are definitely some bugs with the goblin campaign in 2795, I am on mobile so I cannot link, but I submitted a report last night with some engine errors related to the campaign…


these two?

But wait, guys, have you checked the goblins’ names? I had this “issue” as well but the goblin’s names were “Designated hearthling tender.” I think theyre meant to be there for your protection.

I liked the fact the goblins were hanging around helping out - it was a kind of neat alternative to playing since goblins acted as sentries against other baddies … well until said other baddies killed my goblin chieftan and all deals were off after that. :frowning: Then they became hostile again - so I’m sure this is on their list of things to tweak.

After I befriended them, each new goblin that spawned on the map was friendly.

But since they don’t eat, they were slowly losing life after several attacks from other factions. Sometimes a threat was over before I realized it was there. :sweat_smile:


So…@sdee confirmed that Goblin camps (all of them, even the small ones) will remain neutral until you make the chief unhappy. To quote her:

the chief doesn’t want his dudes to attack you if you’re giving him stuff


That’s a great feature and I don’t think that’s the complaint people are having. The problem seems to exist that once you pay tribute, one of two things happen:

  1. The Goblin Chief never returns again - effectively perma-peace (some may like that though!) - stuck - bug?

  2. The Goblin Chief gets killed by another enemy and then all of the camps and wolves turn on your Hearthlings immediately upon his death … depending on how many are in the area this could be a problem as you can imagine.

There’s another thread floating around somewhere that talks about it more as a bug than a gameplay issue. I think the intended scenario is that after awhile the goblin chief comes back and demands more and more tribute to keep the peace with you, correct? As far as I can tell that’s not happening in the current unstable build.


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