Permanently neutral goblins due to Chief's death

Whilst I have seen numerous entries of this nature I have seen none that follow the particular series of events that led to my towns sad downfall to a pack of hungry wolves that I could not attack.

When the goblin chief set up his happy little camp and threatened to squash my poor little residents faces I immediately caved to his demands for tribute. Thankfully he asked for some rubbish from my stockpiles so i did not mind the demand too much and nor did i mind the next one he sent after that but to my joy at the time a meddling Varanus ‘The bigger variety’ came along and devoured the now not so green killing machine that was once a Chieftain. This caused a peace between goblin and man the likes that none had seen before, that was of course until the wolves came. They bounded into my village and began devouring my stockpile and any item that happened to be lying around. But alas my villagers were still bound by the peace treaty that would last until the goblin chief came and claimed his promised goods. Which of course he never would. Being dead does tend to hinder ones ability to demand tribute.

So basically the goblins neutrality is not broken should the goblin chief die from external causes whilst the countdown to the tribute is taken is on.

This bug occurred on the steam unstable branch 2807.


Hey there @Xolexo, welcome to the Discourse. This would indeed be a different issue, as a fix was supposed to be implemented in dev-2807 to prevent this:

Goblins are now neutral to everyone during goblin chief camp encounter

Paging @linda.

Was this a newly made game on dev-2807 or loaded? If loaded, previously spawned goblin camp won’t be neutral to other factions and after it dies, it won’t correctly unset the neutrality since the way of doing that has changed for this encounter.

We’re working on backwards compatibility for encounters but for now, unfortunately the goblins in your save will be at eternal peace with you.


@linda It was a newly loaded game on dev-2807, I made the world only a few days ago and subsequently deleted it shortly after the bug, which I admit was a bad move as now I could not submit a picture of the problem for clarity, but this is only my first bug report so I’ll count the lesson learned.The wolves would simply sit in my base and eat anything that went into my stockpile causing that particular save to be unplayable.