Neutral Goblins steal from Stockpiles


So I was just minding my own business, when this big, bad, goblin chief showed up near my town! Not sure how he got there, as one minute it was a forest, the next he has a big camp and a small army of goblins with him. So then he comes stomping into my town, like he is the most important thing in the world, and demands that I pay him! Now, I could have just told him to bug off, but my footman were off dealing with a bunch of wolves, and I really wasn’t sure what he would do to me, so I agreed to his demands and had my blacksmith craft him his ingots. A few days later he returned, I handed him his ingots, and he left in peace. The next day I notice one of him little goblin friends heading to my town. I figured he was coming with another demand, but no, he walked right into my stockpile, picked up a large chest of gold, and walked off as if it was nothing. As I was still at peace with his chief, I couldn’t kill him so he just walked off with my gold!

tl;dr: Neutral goblins still steal from stockpiles, unable to attack them as they are neutral.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Gain 4000 net worth
  2. Start goblin campaign
  3. Appease chief by giving items demanded
  4. Wait???

Expected Results:

Goblins are unable to steal from stockpiles while at peace (neutral), or I am able to attack the goblin who is stealing.

Actual Results:

Goblin walks in and out of camp with an item without any notification, and is unable to be attacked.


This seems like something for @linda to see…


Neutral goblin waking towards (6.0 MB)
Neutral Goblin Stealing my (5.9 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:

Alpha 14, dev-2807 with Debug Tools

System Information:

Windows 10 Pro 64 | Intel Core i5-3360M | 16 GB system memory | Nvidia NVS 5400m


Just wanted to update that this is still an issue in 2818:

@linda, let me know if you need a new save for this.

Also this:

A giant wolf spawned near my campfire, so the goblin chief came to help me fight it! (all while his thieves were sneaking out the other side of town. Then he sat down at my campfire!


Yeah, can you send me that save?

Here you go. This is the save for those pesky thieves!
Neutral Goblin Stealing Gold (Again!).zip (6.6 MB)

That last image is priceless haha. Sitting on one another’s laps. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually kinda like the idea that they are “sort of allies” but sort of … not. It’s like having cats be your guard dogs. If they feel like it… or maybe they feel like stealing from you instead. Haha!

Maybe they can code randomness in like this… Chief shows up and decides to have a party at your campfire… maybe a goblin thief still tries to nick a few baskets of food… it’s all good! :wink: