Just somethings i noticed, unsure if glitch or not

So as i was playing, a goblin started stealing me things, no biggie, hes one, he can wait, well, night fell, and this guy just walks over and stands around the fire! that soon corrected itself, as he walked away, but now he just mills around, not doing nothing, he wont even thieve, also, fire glitch >.> thoughts?
Im content to call this the friendly goblin glitch :3

EDIT: A second goblin has appeared, hes working correctly, the original still just mills around


don’t be so cruel… he’s lonely, and seeking the comfort of some simple looking villagers… you should welcome your new green-skinned brother with open arms! :smile:


he could at least fetch materials for my ever busy carpenter or something >.> make himself useful


I noticed this once in my most recent game (not recorded) where I deleted the goblin stockpile the little guy came from. Did you do anything along those lines?