Goblin Chieftain Quest Bugged?

Hello, im new to Stonehearth. Its such a lovely and awesome game :3 But i have a Problem. At the time where the Goblin Chief Quest starts, i dont get a message to talk to the chief. i cant even attack them with my footmen because i get a big red X on the enemys. either i cant engage other goblins. but i can fight wolves and the other enemys. is there a way to fix this ?

Welcome to the forum, @IJustLoveKush420 :smiley:

If the goblin camp has appeared, you must have seen a bulletin (maybe it’s in the notifications panel?).

At first the goblins are neutral to you, after some time they come back for their request or for attacking / stealing your town if you’ve refused. In that last case they’ll become hostile, otherwise they’ll keep being neutral.

Other people in the forum can explain better how the campaign is played, I haven’t checked it in a long time :sweat: