Goblin chief defeated by the undeads

Something strange happened today. I got the message that the goblin chief had been defeated, but I didn’t attack their camp. So I take a look and see goblins feeing in terror from their camp from the undeads :smile:
Thanks so much !

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thats normal because they are different factions :wink: soo they kill them to decide which of them can kill you :wink:

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Enemy of my enemy…?


Goblins are such wussies… those undead aren’t even that tough… I say that cheif wasn’t even worth sending your footmen to kill if a few rotten corpses or two could kill him!

Feels like bug, coz goblin chief didn’t even fight back in my case
and after he got defeated, he sent out the wolf, and that hurts!!

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There’s definitely something strange going on with this scenario.

I decided in my last new game start to have my hearthlings pay tribute to the Goblin Chief to bide us some time in building up a rather tricky cliff-side base (Desert biome) … everything was great - the chief was quite happy to call us his bestest hearthling minions or something like that, take the rather meager tribute of a few chairs or whatever it was and then post his goblins nearby as sentries - bonus!

But then a giant stone golem thingie came and spoiled all the fun - killed the goblin chief and suddenly all deals were off, the goblins were no longer our friends and we had to counter-attack them. Sad! It wasn’t our fault, it was the rock-faced angry guy!

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My goblin chieftan was killed by some Varanuses. (Varani?) :stuck_out_tongue:


@sdee, what is the plural of Varnaus?

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I would suggest the goblins be surrounded by a fortification that would be just enough to fend off wildlife but little defence vs the player.

@linda: I’ve noticed this as well. Is it possible that the Goblin chief can’t fight anyone while he is neutral with the player?

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I’m in the experimental build, it would seem some encounters with goblins and the player the goblins don’t react. Only after they run away do they come back and fight, but this was somewhat random. I can confirm the goblins spawned and other enemy spawns do not fight, but it seems random.

Possibility is who sees who first, if the goblin sees the enemy first they will attack. If the enemy sees the goblin first the goblin doesn’t attack. I noticed this in 3 fights, without any dev tools enabled.

No, if the goblins are neutral with the player, they will still be hostile against other enemy populations. So they should be fighting, but there is likely a different issue causing them not to fight in some cases. Will investigate that further (and also a fix for the goblin camp being destroyed by enemies).


Poor Chief, being nice with us makes him forgot how to fight ;’(
but we paid the price, haha

I had a game where he was nice to use, but then only the goblin chief would fight and his “helper” would stand and die.