Undead, ending the towns goblin problem

So my town of West Red had hit day 22, the main goblin camp had spawned and 2 tributes had already occurred. The town, sick of this tyranny were arming the footmen with steel, ready to destroy the pests, the night before the great battle was to start, the goblin chief asked for one more tribute… And then died. The town confused went to look at the camp to find 3 undead destroying everything, including a miniature camp next door. Only a single worker goblin remained still running from the zombies.

Sadly I could not get a picture as I had no save when the zombies had already spawned, but it was disappointed having a fully armoured set of footmen ready to go to town on the camp. Maybe the goblins could have a voodoo dude who scares or repels the undead so the dead don’t accidentally demolish one of the challenges of the game.


hey, a win is a win, right? :wink:

I suppose the morale of this story is, don’t look an (undead)gift horse in the mouth? :smile:


This is kind of funny… But should be taken into consideration when balancing and bug hunting…

fun fact… goblins just killing my undead enemies ;(
but just wanna leveling my footmen .___. xD

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This is totally normal and wanted because the undead and the goblins are different factions and both want your skull :wink: soo the enemy of my enemy is my friend … until my enemy is dead or in your case is my undead friend xD

but no worry the goblins will spawn again :wink:


Hmm nice, Faction vs Faction vs Faction :smile:

But shouldn’t the goblins win a fight vs the undead, yeah both are brainless but at least the goblins fight together while every undead fights only for itself.