Do you have a goblin vs undead story?

It happens from time to time that a goblin fights a skeleton, did anything special happen afterwards?


In the stable version, i use to be cooperative sometime with them so they came in my village like they are patrolling or enjoying the tranquillity of this place :smiley: ! They saved me from three undeads attack when i wasn’t really prepared to fight but they get overwhelmed :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was forgetting something, a globin camp got an undead’s spawn in the middle of it :smiley: The undead take care of the goblin chief and it’s somehow make my game crash xD
That was frustrating but funny :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve never seen undead spawn in my games.

These guys were fighting while the goblin chieftain was around my kingdom.

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Back in the days of undead hordes spawning. I had the goblin chieftain camp get over run by about 12 skeletons. My soldiers responded and finished off the undead that remained. Sadly we were too late to save any of the goblins.


After defeating the goblin chieftain, not long after some goblin spawns popped up the undead rolled through the map like a freight train, an epic undead vs goblin battle ensued, I kept all my hearthlings safely inside my walls during this horrific scene.

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