Footman took on entire goblin camp and won!

This is a memorable experience in Stonehearth for me. I was struggling to get my town up and running with food and places to sleep when goblins decided to raid my town. As per the developers wishes, goblins are now tougher making them harder for normal villagers to kill. I thought I would be okay since I had a basic footman with wooden sword and shield, but for some reason it was taking longer than expected to fight them off. They got driven back, but we still lost a villager unfortunately (RIP Jo Dorril, you will be missed; sorry your gravestone is stuck in the storehouse with no way to get to it).
I was rather confused. Where did my footman go? Did she get lazy and just wander off to sleep somewhere? I was ready to just write her off as a screwup when the notification "Goblin leader has been defeated! popped up on my screen.
Huh? How did that happen?
Turns out, my “lazy” footman had decided to walk into the goblin camp and raze it to the ground. She even kept his axe for herself.
So cheers to Marianne Carlwine the Goblinslayer! You are a brave and bloodthirsty little soldier.

So in the end, I hope they make more goblins spawn in the near future, as I’m afraid Marianne will get bored and turn on the rest of the villagers. I think the balance between the goblins and footmen will have to get looked at as well.


hahahah nice story lol

All fear Marianne, god of war!!!


Bow to her might :bow:


I’d high five her, but she scares me…

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based on the pic, you now will need a demon hunter :wink:


You may need to look behind you >:)…

When i looked behind me i saw…

A WALL :open_mouth:


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