Footmen... useless?

So I know that there’s many more things to come, and I’ve been really looking forward to things like multiplayer but at the moment it kinda seems… pointless to have or even consider having footmen. Goblin encampments are a problem, but just build up walls and then they’re useless, heck they’re probably even eating up memory trying to move. And if you ever do consider just ridding the goblins entirely by the time you decide to they’ve stacked up 30-50 goblins all ontop of that firepit. Other than simple bugs/tricks you can do to wipe out the entire encampement with a single footman it really feels lackluster.
I’d honestly prefer how goblins were before for now at least until encampment were changed.
I do want to need/want footmen but the pros are heavily not worth compared to the cons.
What’s something that can be done different?

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I agree that they are a bit useless but some people doesn’t want to be enclosed or cheat. Later on the game developers will add more threats to stonehearth like boss monsters.

It’s not really a cheat either thought.
It’s a simple lack of programming for goblins to fight back when you have a footman nearby or even attacking them.
If you can get a footman to their encampment without giving them a way to get to your city then your 1 footman can wipe all them out sitting ontop of the pit without them attacking back.

Goblonian catapualts FTW :wink:


especially when goblins have tnt strapped to their backs…

There is a bug in a game where you can defeat the goblins by clicking something.

(I’m not sure what do you have to do but I can remember I just clicked something and then they got defeated XD. I guess they are musophobic)

hmm… if you can reproduce the steps, this would be good to know! :smile:

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Well, I really think it comes down to introducing more enemies–but most specifically, randomly-occurring enemies (I’ll abbreviate as R.O.E.s) are needed. Simply put, enemies of varying strength that aren’t tied to a “Camp” or “Graveyard”, as we’re seeing now with goblins and the undead currently in development. As you said, @Aviex, having a foe like the previous variation of goblins keeps the player on guard and want to make sure they’re building up defenses and units to fight back.

What we need are some enemy types that both move fast and hit hard early in the game, like a wolf or other sort of wild creature. If the monster is too slow, the villagers end up just outrunning them when they flee (until they get stuck or cower). It gives you a lot of time to get a solider over (or heck, even temporarily promote someone) to take it out. If it hits too weak, the player just ends up using their ‘peasant militia’ to swarm the enemy and obliterate it (part of the problem with earlier goblins; now they’re stronger and it’s slightly improved).

Adding a fog of war would also help–not knowing when or where an enemy or R.O.E. will come from–especially early in the game, where little has been explored–would go a long way in encouraging at least a basic military force around your establishment.

…and I hope this gets fixed in the next version or so.

You mean kobolds

no. i mean goblins…

It’s a Dungeon Defenders Reference

knew it was, i just was being annoying and ignoring it to get on your nerves :blush:


I made a new post about it in the active bug section

I suggest some kind of troll that can smash through walls, this would make this situation far more dangerous.

perhaps the troll at the bottom of this archived post… February 2013 – Stonehearth


So fat and chubby…
I imagine a bigger troll… vertically that is