[Con] Goblins stuck and unkillable - R134

Title: Goblins stuck and unkillable

Summary: I was working on my town, a huge error popped up, I clicked it away and saw my footmen run at three goblins. When they attacked them their health did drop but they kept standing there, even after they should’ve been dead.

Expected Results: My footmen killing the goblins and returning back to town to patrol.

Actual Results: My footman endlessly trying to kill the goblins without any result.

Notes: Next time I see and recognize the error I’ll screencap it.

Gyazo - 95fdb192756fd197c1d6c068d45d1229.png

Versions and Mods: Stonehearth build 134


sounds like a similar problem found in previous versions actually

Yeah I got this too. They continuously tried to kill the goblin for the longest time. Actually I don’t think they ever stopped :confused:

thanks for the report @jellevmourik, and confirmation @daisyj201:+1:

I don’t recall having seen this before… either way, [tagged]!

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Have yet to see this on my build, but thanks! ill keep an eye out for suspicious goblin wizardry

This has happened 3 times in about 2 hours, it drives me crazy because my footmen are useless when this happens.

Not too nitpick or anything, but just to save you trouble, you don’t have to upload your pics to a third party website, you can just drag the pic into the edit box.

actually, until folks have met the minimum requirements (reads, posts) this is the only option… unless the posts are edited my a mod/admin in order to directly embed the media…

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WHAT??!! @SteveAdamo @Geoffers747 < Dictators.

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One thing I’ve noticed, is that it’s present still in alpha 5, along with them sometime freezing in place while above ground. The way around it I’ve found is to save and then load that save which then makes them work fine and unfreeze.

I have actually found the opposite to be completely true, i dont know if the game’s maximum goblin raid group is like 5 or so, but for some reason 8-9 goblins decided to pick a fight with my Traper (who was WAY far from the town) and he single handed took on all of them with 1 hp left. i monitored his health to see how well he would do before dying and he stayed at 1 hp for half of the fight… so yeah

I noticed the same thing on A5. Except I happened to be losing villagers to it. Like a memory leak, but everyone trying to kill something unkillable.

I’ve experienced the same issue with Goblins becoming glitched and unkillable.

Same thing happened to me. 4 of my villagers are permanently attacking a group of goblins that won’t move, and I’m afraid I’ll have to delete my world. Oh well :\

I had the same issue during my first game in Alpha 5 and one of my footmans end dead because of starvation

This is one of the reasons why I save every 5 minutes.

The same thing happens with me!

What I’ve seen is the goblins stuck in the ground with just the tops of their heads poking up. Saving and reloading resets the goblins’ positions, and my armsmen dispatch them summarily.