Not sure if this is a bug or a really cruel feature


so I was just playing stone hearth started to build my second building and along came a gigantic horde of goblins and slaughtered all of my villagers I didn’t even have time to react I would post an image but it says new users cant post :’(


I think this has been addressed by the developers. Although I haven’t played Alpha 4 yet, I think this may have been a mistake to make the Goblins OP. If not, I think it would be a plausible theory that the developers hate us.


Balancing a game is a long and somewhat tricky process and not one to try before a lot of the features of the game have been added. I’m sure they’ll mess around with the goblins and other things an awful lot before they release it to make sure the gameplay feels fair and right. :slight_smile:


Yep, that has been addressed. See this topic for more information.


hey there @Monkee201… welcome aboard! :smile:

as has been mentioned, this is a “known issue”… but keep reporting your results from Alpha 4!

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