Temp Fix for Op Goblins [WIP]

I tweeked a .json and i think this might temporarily make the goblins underpowered until the devs fix the combat.

Remember always to backup your .smod files.

Naviagte to: \Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth\mods
Drag [this file] into above folder

I just updated it as of the 20th of August, they now have 1 health point. XD This seems now that the villagers will be op, but we kinda need thisuntil the combat is tweeked. If more monsters are added, and the combat is not tuneed i will do the same.


Is the link broken? I can’t see the file :frowning:

aye, it looks like the link has been stripped out…

Found it in edit history, so all good :slight_smile:

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well, why didn’t I think of that? :blush:

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Original link to make it easier on people next time :slight_smile: .

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Hi guys, I didn’t explain it very good, but I took the link down on purpose. Please don’t use that for now, I need to fix something because apparently it was giving someone a bad error. I mean you can use it, but it might crash you, so be warned, I’ll fixit in a bit.


That’s the least of my problems :stuck_out_tongue: The game itself crashes regardless, your mod actually helped a bit tbh

It did? Great! I will update it tomorrow to the proper way.

ya know, i just set my goblin health to 10, thats it, no fancy folders, no fancy mods, just an edit in the files and poof, i have a guard that can kill mobs in a single hit

Ya, I know its easy to do, hat is practically all Idid,I’m just making this modfor people who don’t wantto tweak that 9And have todo it after every update.