A Goblin 1hp mod with fast villagers? Save My Village!

I’ve looked at the site on how to mod, but I can’t seem to understand it. Yas probably cause I’m just really stupid and can’t understand English properly. I was wondering if anyone would happen to have a mod that reduces the goblin’s hp to 1 and if possible one where workers move super fast (like a ninja). I’m asking for this mod cause I’m stuck on 12 goblins invading my village and them dying over and over again. Everytime, one of my villagers die, a big list of errors pop out, so I’m trying to save them. Thank You!


Don’t sell yourself short!

I personally am not much of a coding wizard, but i’m sure one of the other geniuses of the discourse will take your through the process of changing those things.

and btw I know the feeling I wrote a short story a little while back dedicated to this type of thing. The Sorrow of SkinnyTurtle

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Fight valiantly! (Sorry you had this problem…)


4got to mention ver. 183, and yah guys I’m pretty screwed xD

The error in question is because of a bug where something in the pathfinding/visibility AI keeps running after the hearthling dies. As for the goblin HP thing here’s pretty much what you need to do:

  1. Extract the contents of stonehearth.smod (it’s just a renamed gzip file)
  2. Edit /stonehearth/entities/monsters/goblins/goblin/goblin.json
  3. In the “stonehearth:attributes” section change the max_health value attribute from 20 to 1.
  4. Either leave the extracted folder and delete/rename the original smod or pack everything back up. Both work.
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Tried doing that, now stonehearth won’t load anymore, but I got a backup. You know what I messed up on?

-It says assertion failed

Actually the problem with my attempt was that I put stonehearth.json, but after I tried smod, it just doesn’t start at all with no error messages.

Just leave the /stonehearth/ folder there without the smod file. Perhaps there is a problem with the file structure when you unzipped things or when you packed it back up? Could you include a screenshot or some details about the file path and folder structure inside the root mods folder?

After a few tries I got it to load, but I went to check on if they die in 1 hit, but they don’t. I even tried to change their description (attracted to shiny) to something else, but it doesn’t show. It loads, but doesn’t work.

My Modification I did:

     "name": "A Goblin",
     "description": "Faggots That Keep Freezing The Game"
  "stonehearth:attributes": {
      "max_health": {
        "type" : "basic", 
        "value" : 1
     "health": {
        "type" : "variable", 
        "equation" :  "max_health"
     "speed": {
        "type" : "basic",
        "value" : 50
     "menace": {
        "type" : "basic",
        "value" : 40
     "courage": {
        "type" : "basic",
        "value" : 20
     "exp_per_hit": {
        "type" : "basic",
        "value" : 200

Sorry I don’t seem to have a youcam or desktop recorder of any sort unless you got one I could use…

For some reason, after retrying to make it work, I got the description to work, but not the stats of the goblins… ;/

Actually no lemme restate that… Seems like it worked, but the 4 out of 12 goblins had their description on default and their stats weren’t modified for some unknown reason (maybe they were bugged?). But it seems like Sunset Valley is once again at peace. My footman ‘‘Vue’’ (Level 1 lol) with Farmer Joe have successfully defeated the nasty goblins. I thank you all and
chessmaster42 thanks a lot for your help, it helped out a lot :smiley:

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