Trying to make an Evil super Mod

I had an idea to make a mod that would make the enemies have 1000/1000/1000 mind/body/spirit to make the enemy supper fast, hard, and scary. but I was looking in the files and the goblins and orcs don’t have stats like the hearthlings. so I was wondering if there is a different way to make them supper fast and strong like the super mod 1000 (Steam Workshop :: Super Mod 1000) that I made that makes the hearthlings supper strong and fast but do it with the enemies. does that make sense?
any help would be appreciated.

It’s been some time ago that I looked into those files but there was something about difficulty, and. Lot of stats were hidden in there?

any idea on here that might be?

Doing this off the top of my head here because I’m in a Holly day resort thing atm but data/ err ballance? Ai? Can you search for difficulty via the windows search thingy? It’s in the stonehearth folder, not in raya or anything if you haven’t found it tomorrow night I might be able to take a peek and help search

I did a windows search for difficultly and It found nothing
the only thing I could find manually is the game_mode folder witch has the difficulties hard, normal, and peaceful but the only difference between them is how soon the monsters will spawn. nothing to do with the monsters stats.

@Kodi4444, search in stonehearth/data/monster_tuning. Unfortunately, it involves many files. These tuning files are used to scale the difficulty of the enemies, together with the game master system and the normal/hard mode.

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ok so I added two zeros at the end of each speed value to all the goblin files and there doesn’t seem to be any change. are there other files not in stonehearth\data\monster_tuning\goblins that would need to be changed?
I was expecting the speed of the goblins to be 100 times faster but nothing changed.
and I also gave them all 100x more health but that didn’t work ether.
maybe I did something wrong this is the mod (6.3 KB)

there is a maximum land speed limit in game afaik.

but as for why its not working: you forgot comma’s after your overrides. that said, you are better of using the mixintos catagory there.

facepalm :man_facepalming:
comas are going to be the death of me.
is there a way around the speed limit? because when I use the supper mod 1000 the hearthlings travel at light speed witch is well above the speed limit, so there must be a way.

Can’t help you there I’m afraid, never did delve into that area of modding.
Either ask the mod author or dig through the files to see how he/she did it

well its still not working I fixed the commas but they don’t have 100x the health.
EvilSuperMod (2).zip (6.3 KB)
there must be something I’m missing

how are you testing though? because goblins already spawned before the change your mod made wont change as far as i remember… ? beyond that, i wouldnt know because the way you are currently modding gives me a headache its so sloppy :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a save just before the goblins spawn
I’m using override just to eliminated variables
later when its working properly I will change it to a mix into

I changed your manifest to read as follows:

	"info" : {
		"name" : "Evil Super Mod",
		"namespace" : "EvilSuperMod",
		"version" : 3,
		"steam_file_id" : "1573622260"
	"default_locale" : "en",
	"mixintos" : {},
	"overrides" : {

And I get this result…

And they attacked so fast I almost couldn't pause.

Here is the updated .smod
EvilSuperMod.smod (6.4 KB)


that was the goal

I totally forgot that it has to be / not \


its published thanks for you help