[Tutorial] Increase Game Speed

Hello, here is a simple tutorial for you to increase “Game Speed” more than 4X.
It is very useful for you to test your mod or build a custom building.

  1. Unzip your “stonehearth.smod”
    (For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth\mods)

  2. Find this path: mods\stonehearth\ui\game\widgets\game_speed

  3. Open “game_speed.js” with your text editor

  4. Find this text:

    The four mode correspond to the four types of game speed,
    DON’T change the speed of ‘PAUSED’ and ‘PLAY’.

  5. Change the number as your wish

    I double the speed of ‘FASTFORWARD’ and 'SPEEDTHREE

  6. Open the game

I don’t know how to make it as “.smod” file. Someone can provide me a tutorial?


You simply make it a .rar file or .zip and then rename the extention to .smod

Also you cant do changes unless you reapply it to the original location so After Step 5 you need to rezip the file in the right location and then open the game

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Interesting idea. :smiley:
The usual way (but not toggleable on runtime) is to add this to your user settings:
"simulation" : { "game_speed" : 1 },

I love to use it with 0.25 or 0.5 speed (so slow-mo)… xD

Unfortunately, to convert this to a mod, you’d have to override those files, since mixintos don’t work for UI files =(


Going to add a warning here: increasing the speed will have a negative effect on performance. The faster the game runs, the more calculations the CPU has to complete each real-life second, which can cause “idle Hearthling” issues in game as the UI gets ahead of the CPU. Make sure you have a powerful enough CPU before doing this.