Has the game speed doubled?


I hadn’t played Stonehearth since early Alpha 8, and just relaunched the game yesterday. I started a new game, and everything seemed to happen at double speed. My villagers walked and worked much faster than usual. I checked, I wasn’t in double speed mode.

So is this a bug, or has the game speed been drastically increased recently ?

only better performance :wink: soooo when you now push double speed it will be like hyperspace :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds weird that game performance affects gameplay speed.

^^ yes and no ^^ with every release the make the performance better so that the system doesnt need this much ram (doublechecks etc.)- also they have added x64 support which you can enable in the unstable releases in the settings

Improving performance is obviously a very good thing, but if it has an influence on the gameplay speed, I’m finding it very odd. The ingame time should be running at a set speed, better performances should make things smoother, not faster. This isn’t making much sense to me.

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Speed shouldn’t be that faster. But settlers shouldn’t move slow, either.

In any case, you should have experienced an improvement on the framerate. But it’s impossible that playing at normal speed makes them move like when pressing the double speed button. Because that would make all the animations play quickly, too.

Apparently the build 2291 was reverted to 2283. I don’t know if that has affected you, perhaps try reinstalling? :disappointed_relieved:

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