Stonehearth Supporting older systems?

Will stonehearth support older systems in the near future?
Because im lagging like crazy 5-10 fps

@8BitCrab Do you know when the game will support older systems?

At the moment the devs are making optimizations to the pathfinder and the AI. This should boot performance on all systems. However because the nature of the game, it will not be able to run smoothly on some older systems. We’ll have to see how how much the optimizations help in the future.

Have you worked on changing some of the graphics settings of the game by chance? This really seems to help.


I tried changing some options in the menu but nothing helped.

oh and thanks to the new performance update it never gets to 1 fps only when it gets night.

Have you been placing lanterns? If i’m correct, I’m not sure the devs have finished optimizing the lighting system yet. As the Alpha and Beta progress we should see some more performance fixes.

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nope it just doesnt go lower than 1 fps
And one more thing, High CPU usage

I think part of that should be helped once the cpp AI gets implimented

Well if you would be kind and post your system specs, i’ll ping @Albert and see if he has any information for you.

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not a very strong system

Intel core 2 duo
CPU E8400 3.00 ghz
4GB ram
Graphics card Intel Q45/Q43 Express chipset

And its 64 bit

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Do you have antialiasing and ambient occlusion off?

I don’t think you should be getting fps that low with those specs.

Also, is it actual lag, as in the screen gets choppy, or is it sluggish performance, as in the hearthlings stop moving for a second or two, do an action, freeze up again, etc.?

I have an older computer (~2008) and I get excellent FPS with AA and AO off, but performance dips as soon as I get to building complex buildings or accept too many villagers.

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I have them both turned off and i meant the game was very choppy.

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Are you playing on the steam Version? 32 or 64 bit?

I (subjectively) found no difference between the two in terms of performance.

Got any other computers you can play on?

yeah but the other Pc cant run stonehearth

Anyone else with High CPU usage?

Me! I also have a ~6 year old laptop, and it’s 32bit.

I expected the game to come back in performance when biomes were introduced, but I didn’t expect that the pathfinder improvements would want to burn the CPU like that… :disappointed_relieved:

You’re playing the latest Alpha 12, right? How long have you managed to get (number of hearthlings / houses / etc) before giving up due to the poor performance?

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uhm well i kept getting a black screen and alot of lag so i didnt play for that long.

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@Cube1 - The CPU is ok, but the integrated graphics chip is pretty slow and below minimum spec. If turning down all the graphics settings doesn’t help, you should try reducing the resolution / window size.


So i should get a new graphics card? and stonehearth will never support the one i have now?

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Honestly, if you can, look for a newer system. I don’t know what kind of performance you should expect if you get your gfx card sorted, but it might not be great.

I’m playing with a core 2 duo T5800 @ 2.00 GHz with 4 gigs of ram and it’s playable but limited. It feels more minimum-spec than recommended at the moment, but I’m due to replace this computer in the next year or so anyways. I don’t know where your computer stands in relation to mine, performance-wise.

Try playing it in a smaller resolution first, as suggested by Albert!