Poor Performance on Alpha 13

Greetings hearthlings,
Firstly I would like to say that Stonehearth is a really nice game and I’m enjoying it so far, really appreciate the developers working hard on this game.

I have a problem which surfaced ever since I started having a larger and larger community.

Performance, performance and performance.

  • So I have about 23 hearthlings and an underground base and I’m starting to experience really really huge performance drop, surprisingly, it’s not loss of frame rate but instead, the heartlings seems to just have delayed response and everything is very delayed.

I’m really hoping that there would be a way for me to maybe find a fix or whatsoever to reduce the delay/lag.

Yup… thats something i experienced too.
You could set max hearthlings to less… ±15

I also noticed this problem. It fells like a lag for some reason.
The more hearthlings you have the worst game gets.

Noticed this as well. However when I make a city not underground, I can have more hearthlings when having a less mined area as opposed to an underground dungeon.

Also performance seems way better in games where I don’t have a shepard (and to a lesser extend a trapper).

I had this problem for a few days. No idea what caused it, but for some reason when I played the game it was terribly laggy! So O set down my graphics and went on from there. It still lagged a little bit, but a few days later it fixed itself and I could run at max everything again! I would just wait it out. If it doesn’t fix it self though, I’d look deeper into it!