Alpha 17 Lag Spike/Stutter

Hello everybody, I’m back after a semi-long absence from Stonehearth! Unfortunately, however, I’m back with a problem.

I recently got a new gaming laptop (it’s an ASUS ROG and I could not be happier) and yesterday was the first day of playing Stonehearth since I got it. I probably get a nice 30-50 FPS with all the graphics settings maxed out, and so far only eight Hearthlings, but every so often (anywhere from twenty seconds to two seconds) I get a little lag spike or stutter. The performance bar in the bottom right stays relatively normal - around 85-90% idle (at least I hope that’s normal) and otherwise nothing else happens. I tried lowering the settings but it happens no matter the graphics options.

Not sure when this would’ve started, but I am playing on A17 release 610, and it didn’t happen when I played on my old laptop back when A17 was in the early release.

Thanks for any replies, suggestions, or the like!