What pc do you need to run this

my pc is a Windows 10 64bit a rx 480 gpu and fx 8350 cpu (4.0ghz) With 16g ram and im not getting the game to run well its pretty choppy out of the gate at gets worse as i get more People i have looked at several options to why this is happening With no Luck from the try tweaking Your firewall or the diffrent Versions of Windows

Go into the options and tweak the graphics. I would guess that just lowering the shadow detail will help a lot.


maybe ill try that do you know if there is any red flags on the spec side ihave tried tweaking some of the graphic settings

you have the same processer as me and atleast 4 other people your gpu seems lacking though

AMD gpu’s seem to have a hard time with Stonehearth. It’s even been joked about a few times in Dev Streams. @BrunoSupremo has the best advice of lowering shadows. On my old rig, pretty much turning them off helped the most.

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really i looked at the specs and it seemed fine i Guess its more of a runs better on nvidia

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You just want the most powerful intel/nvidia PC you can buy, the game will max it out no matter what (You can change the max hearthling limit in the game files).

i tried it didnt really fix it

thats not true dude stonehearth only uses 25 % of my cpu please dont talk when you clearly dont know what your talking about

ok run it on x3 speed and bump the maximum hearthling count up to 250 or something and see if you can get 250 hearthlings on normal or hard mode without your PC dying of ultimate lag :smiley:

Stonehearth is not (yet) optimized, and doesn’t do well with sharing workload between CPU cores. The 25% limit probably is caused by one core being close to maxed out, while the other 3 cores are hardly being used by stonehearth.

Thing with stonehearth is even tho your cpu is running at 25% it might be running around 100% on one core and that’s what seems to bottlekneck it for me with an i7 @3.8 Ghz once i get many hearthlings.

Disable shadows gives about double fps for me but i prefer to have it on until it drops too low.

Check each individual core/thread in task manager

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Core 2 looks like it’s quiet loaded close to 100% often even tho it shows on the screenshot 66%
Hope Radiant can figure out ways to balance the workload but it’s not an easy task if i understand but hopefully doable :slight_smile:

the way stonehearth does it is all of the ai is on one core at the moment what they could do is limit the hearthlings based on cpu say 8 cores then 1 of every 8 hearthlings would be on a core

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That’s cool but with me it can hold a 30fps out the gate
But I hear its an amd thing though from the listed requirements on steam and such I should be well within