I only runs 20 FPS on day, and all my graphics are on low and i have a GTX 1050ti

Hello StoneHearth. My fps always run 20 even if it’s day and I only have 5 Hearthlins. And all my graphics are on low and I have a GTX 1050ti 4gb running only 20 fps. Can you please help me? Regards HyZerLordDK.

what kind of processor though? because stonehearth is a processor/memory hog like mad…

i lost more than half fps with the weather system. You can try turn of high quality graphics. But like wouter says you need a powerful cpu until they optimize the game better. for example my game runs 100% one thread at start of the game i7 3930k 6 core 12 threads at 4.5Ghz.

Turning of shadows or lowering shadows to 1 can also help

I have a Intel Core i7-4770 CPU 3.40 GHz 4 Core 8 threads.

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I have High quality graphics off.

Kind of wird, but sometimes i find out that putting lights and shadow higher, my game runs smoother.
Also, did you check you thermo paste. I replaced it last month and it made a huge divrence.

I found out something interesting yesterday my brother has an i7 3820 4 core 8 thread at 3.6Ghz runs better in stonehearth than my 3930k 6 core 12 thread at 4.5Ghz which makes zero logic. It’s already more powerful at stock but at that oc it should be way beyond the 3820. For me one thread runs at 100% all the time limiting my performance and gameplay meanwhile brothers peaks between 60-90% randomly and is smooth.

Only thing i think that can have made my CPU perform a ton worse with Stonehearth is the Meltdown / Spectre Updates that maybe broke my CPU Performance. Running latest Windows 10 x64 1803 and brother is on some older i think 16xx something.

We also have similar to performance GPU. He got GTX 680 Normal Clocks, i got AMD 7950 which i usually overclock quiet a bit but it gives no fps boost in stonehearth since that one thread works 100% from start of a new game.
Wonder if it could be something weird for cpu performance when you have AMD but something tells me this has to do with the meltdown spectre fix for Windows 10 that degraded performance quiet a bit for me

well that, and how much one core can run at.
ive got a 2500K here with a cooler the size of my head on it (its an i5 a quad core)
but it actually LIKES running in single core mode (it just pushes more power there)
might explain why stonehearth only runs to a crawl when i hit ludicrous numbers of heartlings enemies and items… while people with new cores that multi thread a lot get the shit end of the stick.

Trying just for fun to disable hyperthreading i bet it wont help but still gonna try ^^