[Mod] Game Speed Editor


Here is a simple mod for you to change your game speed.
With this mod, you can increase your game speed more than 4X.
This mod will work until the game_speed.js changed.
If it cannot work, please tell me.

How to use this mod:

  1. Unzip the file.

  2. Open “GameSpeedEditor.exe”

  3. You will see this window, change the speed what you want.
    (2 and 4 are default numbers)

4 Click the “Save” button and wait for a shot time until the message box appear

  1. Run the game and have fun!


Maybe I will add citizen stat editor in the future?

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Oh man. A little foreboding, that. Can’t the game speed be changed from within the game? Does it have to be a separate app (I assume a memory editor)?

It is not a memory editor, this program is just a simple tool for user to change the speed value in game_speed.js file. (for user who don’t know how to edit js file)
Therefore, it can only work after you reopen your game.

If you don’t want to use this .exe file, you can open the game_speed.js in this mod and change the value of ‘FORWARDSPEED’ and ‘SPEEDTHREE’